LUSH Father's Day 2016 Review

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LUSH Father's Day 2016 Review

If you're still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad, it's not too late to duck into your local LUSH store to peruse their offerings! This year's limited edition collection is heavily populated with new iterations of the cult favourite Smuggler's Soul scent, which was first introduced in perfume form in 2014, alongside fun pops of colour and rich Brazilian orange oil. There's something for every dad here, but if choosing proves difficult, LUSH have put together a selection of gift sets that are wrapped and ready for gifting, too.

LUSH Smuggler's Soul Multipurpose Cream review

The Smuggler's Soul fragrance is woody, a little smokey and fresh with notes of ethically sourced sandalwood, cucumber and lemongrass. It's a lovely fragrance that is masculine without being aggressive or in your face the way some colognes can be; indeed, its earthy and fresh nature lends it well to being worn as a unisex scent.  

Smuggler's Soul Multipurpose Cream ($34.90NZD) is not hugely potent in the tub, but the magic happens when you apply it, the fragrance really coming to light when it meets the heat of your skin. The texture is lightweight and silky, not sticky, and absorbs quickly but leaves skin beautifully moisturised. LUSH suggest using it for hands, face and body.

LUSH Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar review

Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar ($16.90NZD) is more lightly fragranced again than the Multipurpose Cream, cleansing hair effectively and leaving it soft, shiny and with the subtlest hints of fragrance. If you haven't tried the Shampoo Bars before, they're clever little things - you simply scrub them through your locks or work up a lather with them in your hands before applying, and they last much longer than traditional liquid shampoo. Coupled with one of the storage tins (or an old LUSH pot) they make very handy travelling companions too.

LUSH Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub review

Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub ($26.90NZD) has the same subtlety in the tub as the Multipurpose Cream does, but comes to life in use. The scrub texture is super fine, almost like sand, and comes from bamboo stem extract - no plastic beads here! Scrubbing with this is very satisfying without being harsh or abrasive.
 LUSH Thanks Dad soap review

Thanks Dad Soap ($8.50NZD for 120g) features a scent I love as unabashedly as LUSH do - Brazilian orange oil! It lathers up beautifully with bright yellow bubbles and will have your skin feeling lovely and clean, but the addition of coconut oil ensures you won't have that horrible stripped feeling after a wash with Thanks Dad.

LUSH Modfather bubble bar review

Modfather Bubble Bar ($8.50NZD) is inspired by one of my husband and I's all time favourite bands: The Who! Like Thanks Dad, Modfather is scented with Brazilian orange oil, although more lightly, and creates masses of foamy bubbles with above sky blue bathwater. I'm not kidding about the masses - we only used half of the bar when we tested it, and the bath tub was positively teeming, even with minimal agitation of the water. LUSH Bubble Bars are great because the bubbles last so much longer than the smelly liquid bubble bath from the chemists and you get a lot more of them too, plus they actually smell nice! The Modfather is my husband Mike's top pick from this year's Father's Day collection.

LUSH Superdad bath bomb review

Superdad Bath Bomb ($7.90NZD) is last but certainly not least, a woody scented bomb which will send jets of red, white and blue foam around your bath tub before settling down into brilliant, bright blue bathwater. Sandalwood is accompanied here by guaiac wood and olibanum oil, making for a slightly sweetened woody fragrance. This was Noel's favourite of the collection!

LUSH Superdad bath bomb review
Superdad Bath Bomb in action

LUSH products can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!


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