Notoriously Morbid Night Kiss Lip Balms Review

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Notoriously Morbid Night Kiss Lip Balms Review

If you've spied one of the rare Empties posts on this blog before, you might have gathered that I get through a lot of lip balm. As a huge chunk of my posts are about lip products, if I'm not swatching or testing, you can pretty much guarantee my lips are swathed in a generous amount of lip balm to keep them in good shape, and one of my current favourite formulas is Notoriously Morbid's Night Kiss Lip Balm. These have been recommended to me by Notoriously Morbid devotee friends from right back when they were still named Coffin Kissers and I'm really not sure what took me so long to give them a try. Perhaps the intuitive knowledge that I wouldn't be able to stop buying them once I started? Yep, that might be it.

These come in so many flavours and even a flavourless one so there's definitely something for everyone in the range. My bakery scent addiction is well catered to (and they've just added a bunch more bakery scents!) so I'll be showing you a lot of these today. Other important info to know - they are unavailable from July to September each year due to the hot weather in the US (these have very low melting points, so the break in sales is necessary to avoid a melty mess in your mailbox!) and they're $3USD each.

The low melting point makes the balms glide across your lips super smoothly and they are very hydrating. Occasionally I notice some crystallizing across the surface of the balm which make them feel slightly gritty for the first second or so that you're applying, but because they melt so quickly, it's quickly smoothed out again and doesn't really impact use.

Notoriously Morbid Night Kiss Lip Balms Review

The scents I currently have are:

Bloody Red Velvet Cake - Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! It exactly captures the sweetness and hint of tart bite that I love about red velvet cake.
Butchered Toffee - Divine, buttery caramel. It smells exactly like you're stirring homemade caramel over the stove. This is actually my second one in this scent - I polished the first one off in two months, the fastest I've ever finished a lip balm!
Vanilla Veil - Light, sweet vanilla. It's not the rich vanilla that MAC uses in their lipsticks, so if you find that too strong then I think you'll like this.
Dean's Seductive Strawberries - Chocolate covered strawberries. Sweet, but not in a saccharine, sickly way. These next two are from the Winchester Gospels, inspired by one of my favourite shows, Supernatural. Honestly, I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be any fan art out there of Dean Winchester with chocolate covered strawberries, but maybe that's best for my health. I'm not sure my heart could take that gorgeousness.
Cas' Enochian Schnapps - Watermelon & cinnamon. These scents are so perfectly balanced together, this balm has become a surprise favourite.

Have you tried these before? Do you like scented lip balms? I've got a couple more on the way and am really hoping I'll be able to place another order for the new bakery scents before they're out of stock until September!


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