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Remington Shine Revival Dryer Review

My friends have had to put up with me waxing lyrical about my love for blow-drying since I bought a round brush during the Boxing Day sales last year. I know, I know - styling with a round brush is nothing new, heck, blow-dry styling is nothing new. Did you know that the humble hairdryer was invented way back in 1890? It didn't start to enter households in its handheld form until the 1920s, but since then it's become a fixture in the beauty routines of women everywhere and since their inception, they've gone from strength to strength. Back in the twenties, a hairdryer weighed about a little under a kilogram and could only use 100 watts of power, making it both hefty and time-consuming to use. We've come a long way since then!

This Remington Shine Revival dryer leaves its predecessors in the dust. It's a beautiful glossy rose gold colour, which I love. As far as specs go, it has a 2300W motor, three heat settings, two speed settings, is lightweight and easy to use and dries my medium length, thick hair very quickly. There's a concentrator attachment (that's the slim nozzle on the end if you're as new to hairdryer attachments as I am) which helps you to target where you're drying and reduce the amount of hair flying every which way.

Really, I've always been a bit of a pleb when it comes to hair styling. I can manage the basics and straighten and curl my hair, but although I'd owned hair dryers for years, I only ever used them for drying before styling, never both at the same time. Now that I've discovered the magic of combining them, I love that I can straighten my whole head in 5 minutes flat, while creating a lot of volume and body. Plus I like that I can flip out the ends a bit - I think it looks cute, although it's possible I sometimes err too much on the side of Bree Van de Kamp! 

Remington Shine Revival Dryer Review

The Remington Shine Revival hair dryer pack is chock-full of everything you need to blowdry style your hair. There's a pair of sectioning clips - so no more roughly throwing half of my hair into a ponytail just to get at it all, huzzah! There's also a round barrel brush, which is a little sparsely bristled for my personal tastes (and for my thick hair), but does a serviceable job in a pinch and I imagine it'll fare better if you have normal to thin hair. Finally there's an Osmo Berber Oil duo consisting of shampoo and a hair mask, both of which I'm enjoying, and a black quilted-look Remington bag to store all the extras in. 

This set has an RRP $159.99NZD but I spotted the pack on the Briscoes website for $79.95NZD which is an amazing deal for all that you get!

Do you blowdry style your hair?


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