Lust Have It January 2016 Unboxing & Review


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Lust Have It January 2016 Unboxing & Review

I'm a little behind on my Lust Have It reviews at the moment, but for good reason - I've been busily enjoying so many of the products that have been included in recent months! They've really upped their game for 2016, from product selection to shipping times and I'm very impressed. 

Lust Have It are an Aussie based beauty subscription box company that promise to send out 5 to 6 samples in their monthly Beauty Box for $19.95AUD with a $2.95 postage charge. The contents are a surprise, with Lust Have It aiming to provide you with an assortment of items you might not necessarily have picked up yourself (but will hopefully enjoy!).

In my January box there was:
  • Unani Micellar Water RRP $22.50 AUD | Full size
  • Hikari Blush RRP $21 AUD | Full size | 2 colour options
  • Skinyoga Almond Orange Face Scrub RRP $24 AUD for 50g | Deluxe sample
  • Skinyoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask RRP $24 AUD for 50g | Deluxe sample
  • Hikari Lip Crayon RRP $18 AUD | Full size
I really liked the Hikari eyeshadow quad that was included in the July 2015 box so their recurrence was very welcome, but the products from them this month were a mixed bag. 

Hikari Bikini Blush Swatches & Review

Hikari Bikini Blush Swatches & Review

There were two possible colour options for the Hikari blush in the January box, Sunkissed (warm peach with light shimmer) or Bikini (pinky peach with light shimmer); both sound nice but Bikini is definitely my kind of shade. Although decently pigmented and easy to apply, this blush is very powdery, kicking up an excess of product almost the second your brush touches it. The lasting power was downright laughable, whether I tested it with foundation, primer and setting powder or just on bare skin, the best wear it could manage was four hours before fading into obscurity. 

Hikari Lip Crayon - Machiatto Swatches & Review

Hikari Lip Crayon - Machiatto Swatches & Review

The second Hikari product for January was a lip crayon, with the listed shade options being Suunkissed or Amour. I got the shade Macchiato so I'm assuming Sunkissed was an accidental repeat of the potential blush shade options as above, but regardless, it's a pretty nice shade: a warm orangey brown which would make a good nude on deeper skin tones. The colour pay off was good and it feel very comfortable on the lips, lasting four or five hours and thus putting Hikari back in my good books.

Skinyoga Face Mask and Face Scrub review

Skinyoga Face Mask and Face Scrub review

I'm sure Skinyoga thought they were being very cute and true to their all-natural theme with this wooden packaging, but it just strikes me as clunky, wasteful and impractical. Also, as you can see above, one of mine was falling apart when it arrived so it doesn't seem to be affording any additional safety for the glass vials within. Included with the Almond & Orange Face Scrub and Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask were instructions to mix 'a spoon of product with water before applying'. A teaspoon? A tablespoon? I wound up dumping a small amount in my palm to mix with water and they worked fine and were perfectly pleasant products to use, but the unhelpful packaging and instructions bug me no end. Looking at the full size bottles on the Skinyoga website I can see that spoons are included with them, but that the Almond & Orange Face Scrub calls for half a teaspoon, not a whole spoon as indicated in the sample instructions. Harrumph. Complaints aside, I really do like the face scrub in particular! It has the perfect amount of grit, brightens my skin and is easier to use than it sounds. I'd definitely consider buying a full size bottle.

Unani Il-Luminate Micellar Water review

The final product in the January box was the Unani Il-Luminate Micellar Water. My only experience with micellar water to date has been Garnier's versions, both of which are unscented. The Unani micellar water is quite strongly fragranced and while it did do an effective job of  removing my makeup, the fragrance left my eyes stinging so it's not one I'd consider repurchasing. 

Okay, I know that the January box had me a bit cantankerous, but I promise I really do like the Skinyoga products and the products in subsequent months. Stay tuned for more soon!

If you'd like to try out a Lust Have It subscription for yourself, you can use the code LANILOVES1 to get $5 off your first month at :)


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