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I never get tired of perusing the Essence stand at my local Farmers for some new gems from the range. There's always something else to try, and everything is so darn cheap! To celebrate the recent launch of their Facebook page, Essence sent me over a selection of products to try so whether you're new to the brand and not sure where to start or just want to explore more from the range hopefully this post will be helpful!

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder 01 Natural swatches & review

If you've been on the hunt for a matte bronzer (I'll never understand why they can be such a mission to find!) then I definitely recommend checking out the Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. It comes in two shades for lighter or darker skin and it's HUGE for what you pay (RRP $7.90NZD) - bigger than the palm of my hand. Excellent if you like to dust your shoulders and decolletage with a little bronzer too! It wears for around ten hours on me and smells faintly of coconut, plus it applies and blends it beautifully without looking overdone, so a great big win in my book.

Essence Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder - 20 Suntanned swatches & review

If sparkly bronzers have you running for the hills, the Shimmer Bronzing Powder (RRP $6.75NZD) might just change your mind. It comes in just one shade, 'Suntanned', which is labelled as being for darker skin, but I thought it looked fine on me (pale with neutral-warm tones). Although undeniably shimmery in the pan and arm swatch, it wasn't noticeably sparkly on my face, instead mimicking the slight sheen of skin and looking quite natural. It lasted about eight hours on me.

Essence All About Bronze eyeshadow palette swatches & review

Essence All About Bronze eyeshadow palette swatches & review

I've always had great luck with Essence's eyeshadow formula; their soft and silky texture and excellent colour pay off belie their low price in a big way. The All About Bronze Palette is no different, containing eight highly pigmented shades in an array of gold, bronze, champagne and warm brown hues. My only gripe is that every single eyeshadow in this palette is intensely shimmery and in my opinion, it desperately needs some mattes to anchor a one-palette eyeshadow look - used alone, they look quite muddy. Still, it's incredible value for the RRP of $8.95NZD and Essence have a sizeable selection of single eyeshadows and other palettes to pair All About Bronze with.

Essence Liquid Lipstick swatches & review

These Essence Liquid Lipsticks look and feel more like a gloss than a traditional lipstick, with all the comfort and hydration that goes with a gloss formula. The wear time, though, is more in keeping with a lipstick, lasting just under five hours on me - not too shabby at all, particularly for light colours. Their packaging and formula lead me to believe they're Essence's take on Dior Fluid Sticks (which reminds me that I have one of those to review, too!). They have a light, sweet fragrance and an RRP of $5.65NZD.

Essence Liquid Lipstick - Almost Real swatches & review

The colours I have are Almost Real, a light caramel nude and Color Party, a pretty cool toned baby pink.

Essence Liquid Lipstick - Color Party swatches & review

Essence Make Me Brow Blondy Brows swatches & review

Make Me Brow is famously known as a dupe for Benefit Gimme Brow - a tinted brow gel with fibres to fill in and volumize brows - and is a fraction of the price at just $5.20NZD (versus $45NZD). I find the formula to be very comparable, Benefit's is a touch more opaque and their brush is smaller, but the Essence brush is perfectly serviceable too, and they apply and wear to much the same effect. I have the shade Blondy Brows, which gives a very natural, groomed effect.

Essence Make Me Brow Blondy Brows swatches & review

Before & after Essence Make Me Brow

Essence is available from a limited number of Farmers stores, which you can find listed here, and at Pricewise in stores and online. 

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