Lust Have It December 2015 Review

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Lust Have It December Review

Lust Have It's December box arrived in my hot little hands in early January and after playing around with each of the products for a while now I'm ready to share my thoughts.

In case you haven't heard of or tried Lust Have It before, they're an Aussie based beauty subscription box company that promise to send out 5 to 6 samples per subscription box for $19.95AUD with a $2.95 postage charge. The contents are a surprise, with Lust Have It aiming to provide you with an assortment of items you might not necessarily have picked up yourself (but will hopefully enjoy!).

Included in my December box was:
  • Naobay Moisturizing Peeling Brightening Facial Milk Scrub RRP $27AUD | Full size
  • Sasy n Savy Hand Cream RRP $15-20AUD | Full size
  • Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Micellar Mini Wipes RRP $2.25AUD | Travel size
  • Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad RRP $22AUD | Full size | 2 colour options
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil RRP $24.50AUD 
This was a fairly value packed month, with all but one of the items being full sized. Surprisingly the skincare items won my heart this time around, usually it's the opposite!

Be A Bombshell London Eyeshadow Quad Swatches & Review

Be A Bombshell London Eyeshadow Quad Swatches & Review

Be A Bombshell London Eyeshadow Quad Swatches & Review 

Let's start with my least favourite product and get it out of the way! This Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad left me distinctly unimpressed, the colour pay off is weak and it doesn't blend terribly well. For the arm swatches I had to do around five swipes for each colour to get them to show and they didn't fare much better on the lid - you really need to pack them on over a good primer. I'm honestly not sure what universe this is worth $22AUD in. 

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil Swatches & Review

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil Swatches & Review

The second cosmetic item is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil, a creamy matte chubby pencil that you can use to brighten and  highlight. I think it'd work better for me if it wasn't so close to the colour of my face (my inner arm, which I swatched it on, is paler and cooler in tone). I'm wearing it on the cupids bow in the lip swatch and really didn't notice any difference. It blended out easily and and had a nice texture though, so worth checking out if it works for your skintone.

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling Gel Review

This one has a ridiculously long name - it's the Naobay Moisturizing Peeling Brightening Facial Milk Scrub. Save some info for the back of the tube, guys! Initially I was quite excited as I thought it might be a peeling gel - I've never tried one of those before, and they look appealingly gross yet fun. It's actually just a scrub, but a really nice one, with a good amount of grit and a very light citrus scent. I've been reaching for this often!

Sasy N Savy Hand Cream review

This Sasy N Savy is pretty brilliant stuff! I got the Jasmine scent from the Orchid From Paradise range and the fragrance is quite strong, but not off putting - fans of floral scents will really enjoy it. I've been slathering this on regularly and love how moisturizing it is, without being slick or greasy in the slightest. I'm actually down the the last dregs in the tube now and would definitely repurchase given the chance.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Micellar Mini Wipes review

Finally we have this little travel size packet of micellar cleansing wipes. I quite liked these, they're gentle on the skin but the wipes have an embossed texture that really helps to grab and lift at your makeup. I'd consider picking up more if I saw them in a shop, but they didn't blow me away enough to hunt them down or pay international shipping - a quick Google search only seemed to turn up stockists in Australia.

If you'd like to try out a Lust Have It subscription for yourself, you can use the code LANILOVES1 to get $5 off your first month at :)


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