Weak Nails? Grab This! | Faby Nail Renew Review

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Weak Nails? Grab This! | Faby Nail Renew Review

Have you guys tried anything by Faby before? I hadn't, but when a press release landed in my inbox touting the hydrating and healing properties of Faby Nail Renew, I was intrigued. I've long suffered from weak, peeling nails that snap off easily and as a mum, life often feels like a minefield of things that want to break my nails the second they gain any length. Car seat and stroller buckles, nappy changing, helping my wee ones to put on their shoes (don't even get me started on housework) - they're all collaborators in a grand scheme to MURDER. MY. NAILS.

I have been using OPI Nail Envy and taking magnesium supplements for a few years to combat this. The problem with this is that the effects of each product only last as long as you remember to use them and as a naturally forgetful person, I kept finding myself forgetting my supplements and base coat for a week at a time and just like that, my nails - quite literally - would go to pieces again.

Weak Nails? Grab This! | Faby Nail Renew Review

According to Faby, Nail Renew is 'formulated with Hexanal, a powerful technological agent that regenerates nail structure and works with the Keratin-like peptides that bind to the natural keratin of nails to prevent them from future breakage. Argan and baobab oils nourish the nail bed while Vitamin-E with Violet Extract are included for their anti-oxidizing and hydrating properties.' You'll be pleased to hear that Faby is also cruelty free and 5-free (that's dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.)

Handily, I'd forgotten to use my supplements or Nail Envy for the last few months of 2015, so when Faby Nail Renew arrived I had a blank slate to really put it to the test. For the first month I applied Nail Renew twice a day and after that, once or twice a week and as a base coat for manicures as per Faby's instructions. It goes on a translucent off white with a finish that's between a satin and a gloss - quite natural looking, and comes in a 15ml bottle with a medium flat brush.

Weak Nails? Grab This! | Faby Nail Renew Review

And these are the results (bare nails pictured)! You can probably see from my middle nail that there are marks from the usual amount of rough treatment, so they're not perfect but what's amazed me is how they just keep withstanding at all. Last week I caught them under a container lid I was putting back in the kitchen cupboard and accidentally wrenched my nails back because I am too uncoordinated for this world. And still they persisted! That definitely would have broken them all before. I filed them down a bit not long after to keep them healthy and have had to file down the nails on my right hand for the first time in a long time as well - usually I only file them to even out the constant breaks but now they're longer than ever!

Weak Nails? Grab This! | Faby Nail Renew Review

The hardening effect seems to last even when I'm not wearing Nail Renew, and it really grabs onto nail polish when used as a base coat. Seriously -  the only con with this product is that it actually makes nail polish harder to remove because it's clinging on so tight! I've even found that sometimes the base coat is still present on the nail once you get the layer of polish off - I was floored the first time I noticed that! I've never had a base coat adhere so well in many years of nail painting. 

I think Faby Nail Renew is well worth checking out if you suffer from perpetually weak nails too! It's a little pricy at $32 but still cheaper than the NZ RRP for my previous favourite, OPI Nail Envy, which is $39.99 (Nail Envy also contains formaldehyde resin).

Faby Nail Renew is available at selected salons nationwide and www.faby.co.nz. For stockist information contact probeauty on 0508 776 232 or visit www.probeauty.co.nz.


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