Cheap & Cheerful Gift Guide 2015

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This gift guide is one for the cheap and cheerful, the stocking fillers and the Secret Santas. Not all of it may be accessible before Christmas, depending on where you're located, but hopefully I've covered enough options to still be of help :)

  • LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints are great quality, intensely pigmented, glossy and cheap as chips at around $8NZD at selected pharmacies and Love My Makeup stores, international shoppers can pick them up on Amazon and Ebay. The shades pictured are Flirt and Whisper, both of which you can find reviewed here.
  • LA Girl Matte Flat Pigment Gloss nail the ultra matte lip trend at a low price. All of the shades I've tried have had awesome colour pay off Frisky and Obsess. They're a little over $9NZD at Love My Makeup, where I ordered mine, or available just as cheaply on Amazon or Ebay.
  • ColourPop Lippie Stix. I'm obsessed with ColourPop's Lippie Stix, the wide colour range and bargain price of $5USD, not to mention the fabulous quality and chocolate chip cookie scent keep me coming back for more! The shades pictured are Frenchie and LBB, plus check out my ColourPop archive for swatches and reviews.
  • ColourPop Supershock Shadows are game-changing eyeshadows I've been hugely enjoying this year! Never did I think a cream eyeshadow would work for me let alone be something I reach for over and over again. Like the Lippie Stix, the shadows retail for $5USD a pop so you really can't go wrong! The shadows shown here are So Quiche and On the Rocks but I also highly recommend I Heart This, Mooning, Game Face, Sequin... we'll be here all day if I go on :D
  • Lovisa earrings have been finding their way into the Christmas stockings of my friends and family this year as they have a great selection in their 8 for $10 range. A bunch of them are also hypo-allergenic which is great for those with sensitive ears. Most of what  I saw were stud styles but there are also cuffs and a few dangly earrings in the mix - I really like the set with the swallow stud and cuff shown.
  • Doodlebum Elle's soy melts are handmade by my friend Ellen right here in New Zealand! I've been using and loving them for a while and had to take advantage when she announced a 2 for $15 special on 6 packs of melts. The ones you can see here are Tropical Island Getaway, Strawberry Sugar Cookie (a personal favourite) and Coconut Lime Vanilla and there are heaps more to choose from on her Facebook page. I'm really looking forward to trying the Creme Brulee scent!
  • Scentsy Bars are another current guilty pleasure (only guilty because I'm currently hoarding more melts and candles than is entirely reasonable). These have a great scent throw and a huge selection of fragrances for every taste. Salted Caramel Cupcake (pictured) and Vanilla Bean Buttercream are my current favourites. I've been buying them through my friend Laura, whose store you can find here.
  • Star Kin Cuti-Cuddles have featured on my gift idea lists many times and for good reason! They're brilliant for nourishing dry cuticles and promoting good nail health, plus there's a range of awesome scents. Ami, the creator of Star Kin, doesn't have any Cuti-Cuddles listings on her Etsy store at the moment but you can contact her via her Facebook page to make inquiries.
  • This isn't the best picture of this beautiful brush holder, but hopefully, you still get the gist! Vaguely labelled 'rose hollow cup' on Ebay, you could technically use this for anything but I absolutely love storing my makeup brushes in it. Probably far too late for Christmas time now, but at just under $4NZD it's not a bad idea to put aside for birthdays throughout the year or treat yourself! You can grab it on Ebay.
  • Jessup/Bes Gife Brushes (though sold under different names, they are the same brushes) are one of those amazing finds that actually live up to the hype! Whether you're shopping for a seasoned makeup addict or someone just starting out these brushes are well worth it. They're available on Ebay but there are a few sellers who sell them on Trade Me as well for a better chance of a Christmas delivery.
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Still on the hunt?


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