Noel's Favourite LUSH Products & Wishlist

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Noel's Favourite LUSH Products

Hi guys!

Noel is helping me out on the blog today to tell you about some of his favourite products from LUSH. Whenever we pop in to the store he loves to look at all the bath bombs and play with all the testers for the shower jellies and the FUN - all the bright colours and scents are heaven for a four year old (okay, and for me!). We inevitably come away with a handful of new purchases which I suspect Noel reaps the benefit of more than I, being the current main bath-taker in the house.

Noel's Favourite LUSH Products

Noel's Favourite LUSH Products

Although he enjoys a good shower as much as the next kid, Noel is all about baths. Here are some of his favourite bath bombs, soaps and bubble bars:
  • Phoenix Rising bath bomb (top left), $7.90NZD
    This awesome purple and gold bath bomb turns the bath bright magenta with lots of gold sparkle and has a spicy, fruity scent. Noel originally chose it for the colour but says his favourite part now is the cinnamon sticks embedded in the top of the bath bomb.
  • Mother Superior bubble bar* (top right), 2015 Mother's Day limited edition release
    We're big fans of the bubble bars in our family because unlike the regular bubble bath sold at pharmacies, they smell incredible. They also work much better than traditional bubble bath - I always find myself having to pour in half a bottle of that expensive, stinky stuff only for the bubbles to dissipate within five minutes of hopping into the tub. Not so with LUSH bubble bars; they give you heaps of long lasting foamy bubbles and most of them give your bathwater a fun tint too. Mother Superior has a floral and citrus scent and tints the bath a soft blue. Noel likes its funny face - check out the Google image search results for a good giggle :D
  • Carrot soap (bottom left), 2015 Easter limited edition release
    Man, this soap is so cute. At Easter time it was sold in the form of a giant carrot (complete with green raffia tufts) and when you cut it, there's a wee leaping bunny inside! Completely adorable. Noel picked this for the bunny but I'd definitely repurchase it if I could. Carrot soap smells incredible, like blackcurrant and lemon. Similar to the Snowman shower jelly actually! I hope it returns in next year's Easter collection.
  • Karma bubble bar (bottom right), $9.50NZD
    Another bubble bar, this time in LUSH's popular Karma scent, which I've been a fan of for years. This spiced orange treat will colour your bath water a light orange. I see LUSH UK have a new purple and orange, gold topped pyramid version of Karma and I hope we get it here, because when Noel saw me browsing for pictures of it he flung himself at me crying 'WHAT BUBBLE BAR IS THAT?! WHAT IS IT??!'
Noel's Favourite LUSH Products

Noel also loves shower jellies - who can resist squishing their fingers into that wobbly mass? Pictured is Whoosh ($7.90NZD/100g, $14.90NZD/200g), a bright blue citrus scented concotion, but he's also polished off a pottle of Sweetie Pie in the past and we're hoarding our supply of Snowman from last Christmas. I'm so pleased Snowman is being released again with this year's Christmas collection because it smells amazing! Shower jellies can be used to wash your body or hair, a very handy thing with little ones.

Noel's Favourite LUSH Products

Saving the best for last, we have FUN, a solid, mouldable product that can be used to wash your body or your hair. That is, if you can stop playing with it long enough to get scrubbing! Here Noel has the Snowman FUN ($12.90NZD/200g), another product that is making a return in this year's holiday collection. He has most of the permanent range, which come in various scents and colours, and the gold one from one of last year's gift sets, (which offer some really great deals) and is now eyeing up the Santa FUN coming out with this year's Christmas collection.

In fact, we got to browsing the Christmas & Halloween catalogue while putting together this post and Noel has added just a feeeeew things to his wishlist :D

The Icing On The Cake Shower Smoothie | Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar | Star Dust Bath Bomb | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
Nightwing Shower Jelly | So White Bath Bomb | Santa FUN | Butterbear Bath Bomb | Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
Santa's Belly Shower Jelly | Magic Wand Bubble Bar | Snow Angel Bath Melt | Baked Alaska Soap

We had last year's Magic Wand and it's such a good deal - we've only finished it a few months ago! Check out our review here. Golden Wonder is a must as well - you'll be surprised at the colour your bath ends up! I'll definitely be picking up a hefty supply of Yog Nog soap, I've been missing it a lot since finishing up the last of mine from last year's release.

LUSH products can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!

Thanks for checking out Noel's faves! What LUSH products do you love?


*Provided for review

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