May Empties

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Hey lovelies,

Gosh it's been an embarrassingly long time since I did an empties post! I had quite a stash of them collected up right before we moved house last August, but come moving time they got binned rather than transporting what was essentially rubbish to a new house. Whoops! Then for quite some time I flitted between lots of different products and wasn't making an effort to finish things up, which led to lots of clutter - not so good! So now I'm back to trying to finish things up and make a dent in my stash, cause it turns out I have hand creams for Africa...

May Empties

Continuing my series of flubs, I got the heading wrong in the picture and deleted the original before I realised. Now you have a lovely big gap in the middle. Such typography, wow. Anyway, my failures aside, here's what I finished up in May:

Great Barrier Island Bee Co Kowhai & Vanilla Intensive Hand & Nail Cream: This is the second hand cream I've tried from Great Barrier Island Bee Co and I just don't love this like I love the first one (I'm a big fan of their Manuka Honey Intensive Hand & Nail Cream). It doesn't feel very moisturising, the smell isn't as nice... just all round meh. Definitely won't bother with this again.
OPI Avoplex High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream: This is a nice one! I got this in an Avoplex set with cuticle oil and exfoliant some time ago. It was almost finished up when I dug it out of my stash - it used to be the one I took to work with me - so it didn't take me long to polish off the last of it. Very hydrating with the kind of thick, nourishing, but not greasy texture that I like. The smell didn't blow me away but it didn't offend my nostrils either.
OPI Avojuce Peach Hand & Body Lotion: Oh Avojuices, why am I so addicted to you? These lotions are sort of lightweights in the hydration department; they do the job in a pinch but they don't pack a huge punch. If you suffer from very dry hands or keep forgetting to buy more dishwashing gloves (I know, I know) Avojuices may not be enough for you, but if my hands are already in generally good shape they are enough for the day to day. The range of scents is lovely, although Peach didn't really wow me - just a little too synthetic. My favourite is Cran & Berry and I'm currently finishing up Holly Berry. I'll probably keep buying these, because I am weak.
Red Seal Zinc, B6 & Magnesium: I take these to help keep my nails long and strong - if they break, you know I've either forgotten to take these or fought a particularly difficult battle with one of my chilrens' carseats. Will repurchase foreverrrrrrr.
Essano Rosehip Night Cream: A lovely night cream which is rich and nourishing without being too heavy. This was a mini pot from the Essano intro kit (a great bargain buy available at supermarkets if you're thinking of trying the range) and definitely sold me on this night cream, I've already repurchased a full sized jar.
Are candles beauty products? Possibly not, since I've never felt the need to smear candle wax on my face, but I love to have one burning when I'm swatching or otherwise playing with makeup. So I'm gonna count them. So there.
Great Barrier Island Bee Co Pohutukawa & Pawpaw candle: Gorgeous, refreshing and very true to life paw paw scent; I didn't really detect the pohutukawa. I have been using this on and off since the end of January when I bought it on holiday with family on Great Barrier Island. Everytime people entered our room they'd catch a whiff of the candle (even unlit) and pause to comment on how lovely it smelled. Very nice scent throw, I definitely want to repurchase this.
Glasshouse Fragrances Tahaa candle: MY LOVE. Tahaa is famously the candle always burning at Peter Alexander stores, I can never get enough of it when I am visiting their stores. Naturally, my husband loathes it and begins to protest the assault on his nostrils as soon as we are within a kilometre of a Peter Alexander store. Oddly, he didn't seem to notice me burning this which leads me to conclude his protests are all for show. Tahaa has a vanilla caramel scent which is divine if you love sweet bakery scents (totally my jam).
Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle: I think I've mentioned my borderline obsessive love of vanilla all the things before but this takes it to a new level. Vanilla fans NEED this candle. Great throw, lasts well, already saving up my Flybuys points for another :D

May Empties

Rainbowlicious Pavlova Sugar Scrub: I love, love, love Rainbowlicious' sugar scrubs. I hadn't gotten around to repurchasing one since finishing up my chocolate chip one last June and made up for lost time when I was Christmas shopping, purchasing three. Possibly overkill, but I really do enjoy using them. In particular I find that using the scrub on my underarms after shaving helps to prevent ingrown hairs and red, irritated skin, but it works wonders as a full body scrub too.
Rainbowlicious Lime Car Soap & Rainbowlicious Noel Soap*: I had some help finishing these two! We've been using these awesome Rainbowlicious soaps for handwashing in our bathroom for a while now. Noel absolutely loves them and they don't dry out my hands the way some soaps can. The car soap is a nice fresh lime and the Noel christmas tree soap has a pleasant and not overwhelming pine scent. You can see more awesome Rainbowlicious goodies on their Facebook page.

What products have you used up lately?


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