ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

If you're on the hunt for a new BB cream, ZA have a lovely one which was promoted last month in their Perfect Foundation set (I posted an overview of the set here). That promotion seems to have ended or sold out now but the BB cream is available as part of their permanent line for a quite reasonable $15NZD.

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream Swatches & Review

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream Swatches & Review

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV is pitched as a '12 in 1!' BB. This intrigued me, so I peered at the packaging to deduce the twelve claims and looked around online to see what they were but I didn't have much luck. There are three main claims listed on the packaging:
  • Contains skincare ingredients to moisturize the skin
  • Foundation effects conceal skin problems and achieve a healthy skin tone
  • SPF 43, PA+++ protects the skin from harsh UV rays
A few further things are mentioned: Correct color unevenness, lighten skin color (errrr - I'm going to hope this means even out pigmentation as is often the case with 'lightening' or 'whitening' products), non-clogging to pores. But not twelve claims. Bit of a mystery, albeit a pedantic one! 

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream Swatches & Review

Packaging is pretty cute and the pictures say it all really, the bb cream comes in a shimmery pink squeezy tube housed in a plastic carton with all of the product information. You get 20g of product.

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream Swatches & Review

The ZA Total Hydration BB Cream only comes in one shade, Natural, and alas it is far too dark for me (for reference, I wear NC15 in MAC, 1N1 Ivory Nude in Estee Lauder, OC0W in ZA). But in the name of the blog I went ahead and tested the formula anyway (and to his credit my eldest only asked me once why my face was a funny colour and did not laugh). No full makeup photo because I really didn't feel like applying more makeup over a base that just did not match at all!

As far as formula goes, I really enjoyed this BB Cream. The Total Hydration BB has a thick, almost spongey feel when you first squeeze it out of the tube, yet it spreads easily and goes on with a lightweight satin finish. It provides light to medium coverage and wore for eight and a half hours on me before beginning to fade, with some shininess coming through along my T-zone after five hours. A touch of powder would help to extend wear and omit shine. I found it lightly hydrating without being overly emollient, it was just really comfortable to wear. I'd love to see more shades available in future!

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream Swatches & Review

Before & after ZA Total Hydration BB Cream

What I liked:
  • Feels lightweight on the skin
  • Easy to apply evenly
  • Builds up from light to medium coverage without caking
  • Lasts eight hours
  • Hydrating formula
What I didn't like:
  • Only one shade available
  • Some shininess appears along T-zone after five hours (I don't usually have to powder or blot)
Where to buy:
  • Selected Life & Unichem Pharmacies
  • Japan Home Mart
  • Makeup Direct

Have you tried ZA's BB Cream? What is your favourite BB?


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