LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Haul & First Impressions

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Hey lovelies,

Mother's Day at LUSH this year is a veritable cornucopia of goodies and I have a few things to share with you today. You can find the full collection on the LUSH NZ website.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Preview & First Impressions

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Yummy Mummy Shower Gel

Yummy Mummy Shower Gel, $12.90 for 100g/$22.50 for 250g/$35.90 for 500g - Lovely in lilac, this super-yummy, sweet and floral shower gel is filled with seaweed extract to leave your skin velvety-soft and a golden lustre for a touch of glamour.
I've already used this and it smells absolutely incredible. I'm really sad that it's a limited edition, I'll have to get a back up! This shower gel, like many of LUSH's products, can be used to wash hair as well. I haven't yet tried it on my own hair, but I washed Noel's hair with it yesterday (my three year old) and his hair smells gorgeous still. I keep pressing my nose to the top of his head to inhale the scent. He puts up with a lot :D 
The 100g shower gel appears in the Mum Gift set.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

 Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, $6.90 Bursting with rose petals, this bomb is a floral spectacle in your bath. Soya milk powder blends with orange flower absolute, rosewood and Turkish rose oils for a beautiful, skin-softening experience.
Although it looks pretty non descript from the outside, I got a preview of the floral splendour hiding in this bath bomb as mine cracked open in transit! Noel wants to try this tonight so hopefully I can get some shots of the bath bomb in action.
This bath bomb also appears in the Mother's Day Tin gift.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner

Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner, $39.90 for 250g We’ve put our trust in the most famous mother of all - Mother Nature - and blended fresh strawberry juice with murumuru and Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter to give you soft, yummy-scented skin. Use with our lustre packed Yummy Mummy shower gel to double the yum!
I've been absolutely loving the results of the African Paradise Body Conditioner, but although I initially liked the scent, the moringa oil can be a bit too strong for me. Yummy Mummy, on the other hand is sugary and sweet and does just as much of a great job moisturising as African Paradise - a full size tub is definitely going on my wishlist! Pictured here is a 45g tub, which appears in the Mum Gift set alongside the matching shower gel. The 45tg tub doesn't appear to be available for individual purchase.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Love You Mum Soap

Love You Mum Soap, $7.95 for 100g - This beautiful floral bouquet soap is scented with mimosa, jasmine absolutes and bergamot oil to help mum feel uplifted and refreshed.
This is another item that we tried yesterday. Noel says he loved it, it lathered nicely and he quite liked the scent. I wasn't such a fan of the fragrance, but you can't like everything. This soap appears as a single flower in the Love You Mum gift but is also available as part of a larger, more colourful variant - find it here.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015 Mother Superior Bubble Bar

Mother Superior Bubble Bar, $11.90 - This new little character will help to deliver us from uncleanliness and leave skin feel soft and smelling of cherry blossoms. Crumble under running water to create a heavenly bubble experience.
Our Mother Superior suffered a casualty in the post, whoops! We are really looking forward to trying this as bubble bars are a household favourite here. The bubbles seem to last so much longer than the liquid bubble baths we've tried and they certainly smell better!

The LUSH  Mother's Day collection launched in NZ stores on the 16th of April. You can check everything out at your local LUSH or on the LUSH website here - as an aside, LUSH recommends doing your online shopping by the 3rd of May to ensure it reaches you in time for Mother's Day.

Will you be checking out this launch? Anything tickling your fancy?


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  1. Aww I love Noel's reviews. That shower gel looks delicious.

  2. Haha, he is a very patient reviewer (& pretty enthused about the bubble bars and bath bombs)! It honestly smells so good. I'd never tried a LUSH shower gel before but I can see why they're so popular.

  3. I have Lush Happy Hippy shower gel, I love it. I'm not a huge fan of it as a shampoo but like it as a shower gel.

  4. I must confess I am a little afraid to use it on my hair! It's such a fickle beast.