NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

The super popular NYX Butter lipsticks have been out for quite a while now but I, ever late to a band wagon, hadn't given them a try until I picked this one up on a whim recently. I kinda have mixed experiences with NYX; I love their Soft Matte Lip Creams but feel so-so about the Round lipsticks. My lovely friend Nicola (aka Leona Carolina's Closet) wanted to know what I thought of the Butter lipsticks so I bumped this to the top of the review pile - which reminds me, if there's something you really want to see reviewed, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

One awesome thing about the Butter lipsticks is that the packaging is matched to the lipstick colour inside. The packaging is lightweight plastic and feels a little cheap and flimsy - there is a large crack in the clear plastic on my tube (it can be seen on the underside of the lipstick in the photo below). The Butter lipsticks do retail for a very inexpensive $6USD though, so I suppose I can't really expect the packaging to be super strong!

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

Hunk is a berry creme with ultra subtle shimmer (I can see it in the tube, but I can't spot it at all on the lips) and mostly opaque colour pay off. It's buildable and semi glossy with some slip. Hunk is a little patchy and sheer so I found it a little tricky to get a really crisp edge to my lipline. It wore for three and a half hours, losing some shine over time and looking more like a lipstain by the end of wear. It wasn't drying, didn't feather or migrate and left some staining. The NYX Butter lipsticks have no scent that I can pick up.

NYX Butter Lipstick - Hunk Swatches & Review

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What I liked:
  • Non drying
  • Buildable colour pay off
  • Doesn't feather or migrate
What I didn't like:
  • A little patchy & sheer
  • Packaging feels lightweight and flimsy (my tube has a crack)
Where to buy:
I want to love this, but my first experience with the NYX Butter lipsticks is just a bit meh. I think I'll stick to the Soft Matte Lip Creams for now!


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  1. Yay, thanks for the review! The colour looks gorgeous on you but I can understand where you're coming from saying 'meh' <3

  2. Can't love everything, right?


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