ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

This caught my eye while browsing the ZA stand recently because it instantly reminded me of the much praised MAC Strobe Cream. ZA True White Instant Brightener is a 'multi-functional protector that creates beautiful pearly skin'. It has an SPF rating of 30 (bonus!) and is PA+++ (the highest rating used in Korean and Japanese cosmetics to denote UVA ray protection). Just like Strobe Cream, it can be used as a makeup base, but you can do a bit more with it too! Shall we begin?

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

True White Instant Brightener comes boxed with everything you need to know about the product. This is 30ml for $19NZD at selected pharmacies in NZ - it's also at Farmers but was a couple of dollars more expensive from memory. 30ml puts at the same size as MAC's Sized To Go Strobe Cream, which is $10USD on their website but is only available at dutyfree and I think the Pro store in New Zealand and will probably be at least triple the US price. Because New Zealand prices are cruel and unreasonable. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the price of the ZA Instant Brightener, particularly because I wasn't sure how it was going to fare on my combination oily skin.

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

The packaging is nice and simple, a white plastic bottle that you can squeeze to get the product out. The formula is very fluid and runny but it doesn't drip out when the bottle is held upside down (unless you squeeze a heap out for a product photo!)

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

True White Instant Brightener is a pale barely-shell pink with thousands of luminous spheres soft, glowing shimmer. Compared to Strobe Cream, (which I recently bought for my sister and was able to compare but stupidly forgot to take photos - typical! If you'd like a comparison let me know and I'll organise it!) this is a lot more subtle; Strobe Cream has a white base and more prominent pink shimmer. Both sheer out nicely on the skin though without leaving any colour cast, even on deeper skin tones.  

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

Now the intended usage for the Instant Brightener is to be used as the final step in your morning skincare routine, so I dutifully followed the instructions and used it after moisturising and before priming my face. I have been favouring medium to full coverage foundations of late so I didn't see a heap of difference in the finished look, but my makeup applied really nicely over it and everything lasted well.


ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

ZA True White Instant Brightener Swatches & Review

A FOTD with True White Instant Brightener as highlighter

Next I decided to try using the Instant Brightener as a highlighter, so after applying my blush I popped some of the Brightener on the back of my hand and used a stippling brush to pick up a liberal amount before dabbing it on the tops of my cheekbones. 
Holy wow, Batman. This is the most perfect, natural glow I've ever tried (That's two for two on the Suzanne Paul references, how am I doing, guys?). You guys may know I have a yen for a strong highlight and don't get me wrong, I won't be putting down the powder highlighter anytime soon, but they have their faults. Their powdery and on occasion frosty textures can sometimes emphasise pores or uneven skin texture. With this, there's none of that. True White Instant Brightener blends out easily and blurs skin texture, leaving you with a believably natural sheen. It lasts all day too, so there's no need for touch ups.

Next, I want to try mixing my foundation with the Instant Brightener to see how much more glow I can achieve. All the glow will belong to meeeeeee! *cackles* So I will let you know how that goes :) 

Where to buy:
  • Selected pharmacies nationwide
  • Farmers
  • Makeup Direct
  • Japan Mart
Have you tried True White Instant Brightener? Loving the Strobe Cream? Haven't tried either? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Thanks Gina! No, it doesn't love a white cast so could be used on heaps of skin types. I used it on Amy the other day and it looked great on her - she's NC40-42 in MAC shades.

  2. Yes, I would agree that it is runnier! Now I'm dying to borrow my sister's one and swatch them together, haha. I don't usually enjoy liquid or cream highlighters because they often disturb the foundation underneath but I loooove this.


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