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Hey lovelies,

Gifts for blokes are something I struggle with each year, particularly since my fiance Michael has both a sensitive nose (making most scented items a no-go) and a wanton disregard for skincare. This makes him less than helpful when planning out such gifts for all of the menfolk in our rather large families, let alone this gift guide, so I turned to my male friends to get some gifting ideas straight from the horse's mouth.

1. 'Rugged' Beard Oil, $25NZD at Lambert's Luscious Beard Oils and selected stockists nationwide
Described by my friend Milan as 'pretty fantastic' and 'that wu sh*t' (which I had to Google, not being a hip and now individual), 'Rugged' beard oil is just one of many Lambert's Luscious products. They cover every facial hair styling need, including moustache wax, and an unscented version that I think Mike could totally get behind.

2. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Grapefruit & Ginger, $17NZD at Fresh 
This one's a bit of a cheat, because if I bought this for Mike I'd absolutely pilfer it for my own use. An intensely hydrating lip balm and sunscreen without any frills, Jack Black lip balm gets the job done without any tell tale gloss. I was pleased to see it available at Fresh, as it saves me stumping up for a Youshop order from Sephora to replace the tube of Natural Mint & Shea Butter I've been thrashing. Fresh offer free shipping (and they guarantee Christmas delivery if you order by 4PM on the 15th of December). Plus, if you join their Loyalty Club you can get an additional 5% off!

3. Sephora Favorites: The Leading Man Fragrance Sampler For Him, $55USD at Sephora (Kiwis can use Youshop or similar shipping companies but will be unable to use the included voucher)
Fragrance is such a personal thing, but done right it can be a wonderful gift! This set is very cool for those lucky enough to have access to Sephora, because it not only does it contain four of Sephora's most popular colognes and a tube of shaving cream, it also includes a voucher for a full size version of one of the included colognes (your choice!) at no extra cost! Oh Sephora, please hurry up and come to New Zealand...

4. Nail Clippers, $9.95NZD at The Body Shop NZ
Why nail clippers? Doesn't everyone have those already? Well, in our house, I am the keeper of the nail clippers and I am a selfish and secretive keeper. Mike never knows where they are amongst my swatching gear and I don't like disclosing their location as he never puts them back. The solution? His own fancy nail clippers with The Body Shop logo so we can tell them apart!

5. Cooke Time Christmas Cookies 2L bucket, call 0800XCOOKIE (0800 9266543) to order
I asked Mike to help me pick out some hair products for this guide, and he said 'If you're ever thinking of buying me hair products, just buy me cookies'. So here are some cookies.

6. On the Road - Travel Kit, $65NZD at Triumph and Disaster
Triumph and Disaster was by far the most popular suggestion from my friends, with both guys and their partners chiming in to spread the T&D love! This set contains everything you need on the go; cleanser, shaving cream, moisturiser and an all purpose wash for body, face and hair. Gotta love a good multi tasker!

7. Sorbet Cosmetics Suave For Men 'Poo Bar, $22NZD at Sorbet Cosmetics
Speaking of multi taskers, this Poo Bar (I don't think I'll ever get used to that phrase) from Sorbet Cosmetics is another winner and can be used for hair, body and shaving. I hadn't heard of this brand before and I'm very intrigued by the fact that everything they make comes in bar form - from bath bombs to self tan to laundy detergent and virtually everything in between. I may have to try a Sorbet Sampler!

8. ZA Mens Skincare Sets, $15NZD at selected pharmacies nationwide
I couldn't believe the retail price of these sets in - in New Zealand, where cosmetic prices are ridiculously high, these sets are just $15 for two full size products, a travel bag and a facial towel. FIFTEEN. There are three variations, each containing a cleansing/shaving gel and moisturiser/aftershave balm - Ultimate Moist (dry skin), Ultimate Matte (oily/combination) and Ultimate Recharge (tired or aging skin) and you better believe I bought one of each to fill up the family's Christmas stockings. My brother will be sorting out a review for one of these sets for you very soon :)

I hope this has given you lots of inspiration for any guys in your life! Do you find men hard to shop for? How is your Christmas shopping going?


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  1. What a great gift guide! I bye my husband products all the time and he never uses them!

  2. Sorbet are amazing! And I love your idea about nail clippers too

  3. Thanks Dana! Maybe it's time to try the cookies? :D

  4. I can't believe I've not tried them before!