10 Under $10 - Budget Friendly Purple Lipsticks

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Hey lovelies,

I thought I'd do something a bit different today and share some purple lipsticks you won't have to break the bank for! Purple lipstick has really taken off in recent years and I for one love it. These budget friendly beauties are great for dipping your toe in the trend or to round out the collection of the purple lippy connoisseur. Here they are, 10 under $10 (USD, because NZ retail prices are crazy).

10 Under $10 - Budget Friendly Purple Lipsticks

Anti-clockwise from the bottom middle shade: W7 West End Girls - Impulse Buy, TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please!, Miki - Mauve Madness, Jordana - Matte Lavender Lady, Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids - Brazen Berry, Jordana - Fiesta, Makeup Revolution - Depraved, Impulse Cosmetics - Gamble, LA Girl Luxury Creme - Romance and Wet n Wild Megalast - Vamp It Up

W7 West End Girls - Impulse Buy lipstick swatch

W7 West End Girls - Impulse Buy, £1.99 at Fragrance Direct (Kiwis, check your local Postie store!)
This pale lavender is smooth with good opacity and a non drying formula. It's a little bit patchy viewed this close but it's not noticeable at normal viewing distance and it makes a great pastel purple introductory shade.

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please! swatch

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please!, $2.79USD at TheBodyNeeds
Bitch, Please! is a vibrant pink based lavender with a super moisturising formula and it's cheap as chips. I reviewed it here.

Miki - Mauve Madness lipstick swatch

Miki - Mauve Madness, $5NZD at Postie and selected pharmacies
Mauve Madness is a wonderfully pigmented and creamy light mauve. Miki's products can be hits or misses, but this one knocks it out of the park!

Jordana - Matte Lavender Lady lipstick swatch

Jordana - Matte Lavender Lady, $1.52USD on Ebay ($3-5NZD at selected dollar stores for Kiwis)
Lavender Lady is a rare thing, a mauve that reads so neutral that it is one of the most wearable purples you'll ever find. I'm a big fan of Jordana's Matte line, they are typically as creamy and opaque as any high end matte and this is no exception. I reviewed this here.

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids - Brazen Berry lipstick swatch

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids - Brazen Berry, $7.99USD on Ebay
Brazen Berry is part of the Vivids permanent line overseas but unfortunately never made it to NZ shores. It's a shame, because I've seen plenty of Kiwi girls asking in NZ Makeup Junkies and other groups for locally available purple lippy recommendations. I really enjoy the Maybelline Vivids formula and Brazen Berry is typical of it, this brightened magenta-berry has a glossy finish and great colour pay off.

Jordana - Fiesta lipstick swatch

Jordana - Fiesta, $1.75USD on Ebay ($3-5NZD at selected dollar stores for Kiwis)
Fiesta looks like a dark metallic shade in the tube but is in fact a wearable berry-purple with shimmer. Think of a toned down, sheered out version of MAC Rebel. I don't love the scent of the regular Jordana line, which Fiesta comes from, but you can't beat the prices. Find a full review here.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Depraved swatch

Makeup Revolution - Depraved, £1.00 at Makeup Revolution
Depraved is a gorgeous bright blue based purple, something that can be hard to find without spending a pretty penny. It reminds me of a bluer version of Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn. Like W7 Impulse Buy, it's a little patchy this close but fine from further away. And only a pound! 

Impulse Cosmetics - Gamble lipstick swatch

Impulse Cosmetics - Gamble, $6.99USD at Impulse Cosmetics
Gamble is a richly pigmented bright purple with a matte finish. I love Impulse's handmade lipsticks and they're pretty inexpensive too! If you want a true purple, look no further.

LA Girl Luxury Creme - Romance lipstick swatch

LA Girl Luxury Creme - Romance, $2.49USD on Ebay ($4NZD at selected dollar stores for Kiwis) 
Romance is ridiculously fantastic for a lipstick that cost me a mere four dollars. LA Girl's Luxury Creme lipstick line may just be one of my favourite discoveries of 2014. This deep plum is super opaque, glossy and long lasting.

Wet n Wild Megalast - Vamp It Up lipstick swatch

Wet n Wild Megalast - Vamp It Up, $2.69USD on Ebay
Vamp It Up is a gorgeous blackened plum (and not one of my best swatches, sorry! Must redo). If you like the look of colours like MAC Cyber or Smoked Purple but you're not sure whether you'll like them on you, this is a great option. 

Are you a purple lipstick fan? Like any of these? Tell me your fave in the comments!


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  1. Oooh, I love these! I might give the Wet n' Wild a go as well as the LA Girl one! So pretty xx

    Georgina | Baby Rebel

  2. They're all gorgeous purples! My favourite is the LA Girl Romance ♥ been loving the darker lips lately x

  3. It's such a beautiful shade! Dark lips never get old for me :D

  4. They are so cool, hope you love them :)