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Hey lovelies,

I'm always on the hunt for a good brow product so I was really excited when ZA contacted me about their newly revamped brow liner. This isn't my first rodeo with ZA brow pencils - their Ever Brow BR21 pencil used to be my holy grail and I went through three of them before getting the itch to try something new. Lately I've been favouring a matte brown shadow and clear brow gel to tame my brows, using a pencil again is a nice change of pace.

When I last used a ZA brow liner, they were white with 'ZA' printed all over the liner. Now, they're glossy and black, a colour combination that I love! There's a matching pink cap for the spoolie on the end, but no cap for the retractable liner (so make sure to wind it back down before popping it back in your makeup bag!).

The liner is quite fine, and as I mentioned retractable. Not being sharpenable does have one downside; the edges that make it so easy to get a nicely defined brow the first time you use it wear away quickly. It's still perfectly possible to get a good application when worn down a bit, I just wish there was a way for it to always be ultra precise!

The spoolie is fairly standard, firm and does a good job of taming brow hairs and blending out any excess product.

Honey Brown is a light-medium yellow toned brown, perfect for dark blonde or light to medium brown eyebrows. The texture feels a little dry at first but quickly warms up on my skin. It's best applied in short, rapid strokes. ZA calls their brow liner a 'waterproof and smudge-proof' formula and while I didn't test it in water, it did hold up all day without smudging or fading every day that I've worn it. I'm really impressed! It also kept my runaway brows in place very well - I skipped brow gel to see how it held up on its own and the results were the same as when I use gel.

Nothing on brows

ZA Brow Liner - BR771 Honey Brown

What I liked:
  • Good colour pay off
  • Provides defined yet natural brows
  • Easy to use twist up liner (no sharpening!)
What I didn't like:
  • The liner tip loses its defined edges quickly (though it remains perfectly usable)
Where to buy:

Have you tried this brow pencil? What are your favourite brow products?


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