TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please!, Coralberry, Hide 'N Seek, Forget Him! and Cupid's Crush Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

If you're on the hunt for budget friendly, cruelty free lipsticks then I have some great finds to share with you today! TheBodyNeeds is perhaps most well known for the veritable bevy of MAC samples they offer, but they also have their own cosmetic range which is bursting with a variety of wallet friendly products. Every time I order some of their MAC lipstick samples, I throw in a few of their own products. Today, I'll be showing you some of their Lip Lustres, which retail for just $2.79USD.

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please!, Coralberry, Hide 'N Seek, Forget Him! and Cupid's Crush Swatches & Review

Here's what TheBodyNeeds says about their Lip Lustres:
  • Soft, silky and not sticky! A slight stain remains after the long kiss ... pamper your lips!
  • Product weight 4 g/.14 oz packaged in a 81mm tall/10mm diameter slimline tube.
The first full size tube I purchased, Hide N Seek, has a clear label which lifts and peels and is generally a nuisance. This shade is discontinued now and was purchased at a discount so I imagine the clear label was something that was phased out. The remaining full size tubes I have (Coralberry and Bitch, Please!) have paper labels which stay put but are prone to getting grubby and of course, you can't really wipe down the paper!
One thing to note is that these kinds of tubes are sometimes fussy about winding down again, so it's important to only wind up enough to use.
The clamshells are gift with purchase Lip Lustre samples and are not available for purchase. They seem to be randomly selected by TheBodyNeeds, I have received Forget Him! twice and Cupid's Crush once.
The Lip Lustres have a very sweet scent with an underlying hint of castor seed oil.


Bitch, Please!

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please! Swatches & Review

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please! Swatches & Review

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please! Swatches & Review

Bitch, Please! is a pink based lavender creme. The formula is opaque but very slippery, which makes it prone to leaving lines when you press your lips together. I suspect blotting the colour and then reapplying would help with this. Bitch, Please! is very moisturising which seems to go in hand and hand with the slippery formula, so I guess it's a bit of a trade off as to whether a completely even application or a lot of hydration is more important to you. It's a very unique colour on my collection and  I didn't find the lines to be noticeable at a normal viewing distance, so for me it's worth it. Bitch, Please! wore for four hours on me and left behind slight pink staining.

TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Bitch, Please! Swatches & Review



TheBodyNeeds Lip Lustre - Coralberry Swatches & Review

Coralberry is described as a 'raspberry infused coral'. It's a pink leaning coral creme. It shares the same slippery formula as Bitch, Please! so I won't repeat myself too much! Lovely opacity, a touch streaky. It reminds me of Lime Crime Geradium and Wet n Wild Pinkerbell, although it  is a little lighter and more white based. Coralberry wore for three hours, however it was looking a little patchy after two and was mostly just a tint by three. I didn't notice any staining with this shade.


Hide 'N Seek

Hide 'N Seek is discontinued and no longer available on TheBodyNeeds' website, but I figure you never know will show up in blog sales and the like so I'm showing you anyway :D It's a deep red based    coral, almost a poppy hue, filled with flecks of golden shimmer. The shimmer is chunkier than you find in most lip products and can feel quite gritty on the lips - something that may bother some. I didn't mind the grittiness, but I did find it clung to dry patches on my lips and made the overall application a bit more uneven than I'd like. Hide 'N Seek doesn't have nearly as much slip as Bitch, Please! and Coralberry but was still somewhat hydrating. It lasts around four hours on me before fading. Hide 'N Seek is quite close to MAC Hibiscus (limited edition, discontinued and running perilously low!)


Forget Him!

Forget Him! is described as a 'vivid hot pink'. It's a magenta filled with violet and pink sparkles with a hint of translucency that makes it very wearable. I love that it's shimmery without being frosty. Forget Him!'s formula has just the right consistency; creamy and moisturising without having too much slip. It wears for around 3 hours on me without staining. Definitely have to pick up a full size tube of this!


Cupid's Crush

Cupid's Crush is a pale yellow toned pink with medium opacity. It's a very close match for MAC Creme Cup lipstick (see comparison swatches on my Facebook page and don't forget to give it a like!) so it's a great alternative if you've been looking for a dupe! I find the formula to be less streaky than Creme Cup, as an added bonus, though it does settle a little into liplines after an hour and a half. Cupid's Crush is moisturising and lasts about two and a half hours before beginning to disappear. 

What I liked:
  • Moisturising, creamy formula
  • Great colour pay off
  • Extremely well priced
What I didn't like:
  • Bitch, Please! and Coralberry have a bit too much slip
  • The gritty texture of Hide 'N Seek may bother some
Where to buy:

Have you tried any of TheBodyNeeds' products?


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  1. I really love the name Bitch Please, and also the colour, but that formula doesn't reallly look like something I'd like to wear, so I'm torn.

  2. It is a fabulous name :D I'm trying to think of something similar in colour but I don't think I have anything. MAC Dodgy Girl is darker, pinker and more muted. Makeup Revolution Depraved is darker, more purple. Beauty By Bibby Lady Lavender is bluer.


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