NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

I fell in love with the colour of Stila's Turquoise Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner while browsing at Mecca a while ago, but was reluctant to fork out the $42 it retailed for (before Mecca's recent price drop) for something I likely wouldn't wear often. Still, I couldn't get the idea of a pale aqua eyeliner out of my mind and, remembering NYX have a fantastic shade range, I decided to give Teal a shot. Want to see what I thought? Read on!

NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review

This is my first experience with NYX's eyeliners; I'm a big fan of their lipliners though and the format is virtually identical. The pencil is slim and black with a tip to match the eyeliner colour. 

NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review

NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review

Swatched on bare skin - several passes (top) and a single pass (bottom)

It takes a few passes for complete opacity, but the texture is creamy enough that the pencil won't skip or drag so it is quite comfortable to apply. I did find it harder to get it to show up on my waterline and once there, it disappeared quickly - within a few hours. On my lower lashline however, it wore wonderfully without smudging, migrating or fading until I took my makeup off 8 hours later.

NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review

NYX Slim Eyeliner - Teal Swatches & Review

What I liked:
  • Creamy texture
  • Decent wear time on lower lashline
  • It did not smudge, migrate or fade (on lower lashline)
What I didn't like:
  • Disappears quite quickly from the waterline
  • Takes a few passes for full opacity
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  1. This looks so nice on you! I never wear colour on my lower lashline but seeing you do it all the time is making me consider doing it!

    1. Thanks Lena! I really love wearing a pop of colour that way, it's a lot of fun :) I'd love to see you rock it!


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