Picture Polish - Mallard Swatches & Review


Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Going strong on the polish swatches at the moment! Today I'm showing you a polish of such glory that it can only be summarised with a picture my friend Kalliana (9 to 5 Nails) sent me when I was very excited and caps locking like it was going out of style.

Well, I wouldn't calm down then and I certainly won't now. GUYS. LOOK. Flakies! Shimmer! Green! Such depth! Many sentence fragments! Much wow! It shouldn't work. But it does.

Picture Polish - Mallard, 2 coats

I desperately want more Picture Polish now. The formula is just perfect - buttery, opaque and it dries super glossy. Love!

Have you tried Picture Polish? What do you think of Mallard? Have a favourite Picture Polish shade? Sick of these questions? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Definitely one of my faves from the Picture Polish brand - green, jelly, and flakie all in one? Yes, please!

    1. It is ridiculously gorgeous! <3


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