Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation - #115 Ivory and #120 Classic Ivory Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

Today I'll be showing you the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation sticks, a product that's been super hyped since its launch in New Zealand a few months back. But first, can we flashback to the nineties and enjoy Sarah Michelle Gellar advertising Maybelline's previous foundation stick? Gosh. I remember when these first came out. Granted, I was too young for makeup at the time, but I loved poring over the ads. Now I feel the need to rewatch Buffy.

Right! Nostalgia aside, how does Maybelline's latest take stack up?

Firstly, the packaging isn't dissimilar to the old 3 in 1s. The Fit Me foundation sticks come in glossy black tubes with clear caps so you can identify the shade readily (handy if you have more than one for contouring with, a usage that Maybelline has suggested). The product twists up like a giant lipstick without any issues and is retractable. I like that the shade number is printed on both the cap and the bottom of the tube, very well thought out.

I must admit I completely bought into the hype when these launched. According to Temptalia's Foundation Matrix, I should be wearing #110 in the Fit Me line, but #110 isn't a shade that's being widely stocked by Maybelline stockists near me. Instead I picked up #115 Ivory and #120 Classic Ivory, hoping one would work (plus I find the Fit Me pressed powder in #120 to be a good match) and thinking I'd buy #110 when I found it on a good special so I could cream contour with them.
Both shades are workable on me when worn with powder & concealer. #115 is a bit too peachy, #120 is slightly too dark. For reference I wear NC15 in MAC foundations. I applied these directly to my face, and then blended them with a damped Real Techniques sponge. The product glides on easily enough, with a silicon-y texture. I found it was okay to blend with my fingers, but preferred the finish I got when I blended it using the RT sponge. You can achieve light to medium coverage with the Shine-Free foundation sticks.
The formula, sadly, leads something to be desired. I have normal-dry skin, which I keep in check by moisturising and priming before applying foundation. Most foundations skim over the dry patches or emphasise them a little bit. This? Oy vey. Dry patches I didn't even know I had started appearing. Not immediately, but within an hour or so of wear, my forehead in particular looked positively scaly. As the day wore on, the foundation started to break up around my nose, which isn't a phenomenon I've ever experienced before, and straight up disappeared in places. I'm not talking about fading either - I'm talking visible stripes of product vanishing without a trace. What the? Despite the primer, this also settled into fine lines - I have some around my eyes and this really emphasised them. 
I've called off the search for #110. If you don't have dry patches, the Shine-Free foundation sticks might work for you. I don't know. I do know that Shaaanxo experienced the product breaking up the way I did. Have you tried these? Did they work for you?


#115 Ivory


#120 Classic Ivory

What I liked:
  • Medium coverage
  • Easy to apply & blend
What I didn't like:
  • Settles into fine lines
  • Random patches disappear and break up over the course of the day, particularly around my nose
  • Emphasises dry patches I didn't know I had
Where to buy:
  • Maybelline stockists 

That was a downbuzz. Have a Buffy gif.


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  1. Aww I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! :C I nabbed the #110 and find it ok if I'm running to the store/class for 3 hours max. After 3 hours it just looks baaaaad.

    1. Eeeeep! Once my makeup's on, I just want it to look good (excusing lip products) til I'm ready to take it off. This one is just too much fuss!