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Hey lovelies,

Something a bit different today! The lovely folk at Mont Bleu recently contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their products and I jumped at the chance, having heard some great things about them already in the blogosphere.
Mont Bleu adorn many of their products with Swarovski crystal elements, all of the items I received are crystal studded and super pretty. Fair warning, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures to show how sparkly everything is.

I was fortunate enough to be sent the following products:


Swarovski nail file ORC-M3

10,00 € ($15.47NZD) - Shop
From the Mont Bleu site:

Glass nail file hand decorated with crystals “Oriental Color - Fuchsia”. Length 135mm (5.32 inches). Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

I couldn't find the specific mini nail file I received listed on their site, but you can see the rest of their mini files here. The crystal adorned mini files are 8,00 € ($12.38NZD).

Mont Bleu are well known for their glass nail files so I was really excited to try these. I've used cheap glass files before and I preferred them to standard files but was disappointed at how quickly they dulled. The difference between the cheap files and the Mont Bleu ones is really apparent. They make filing much quicker and they don't dull. In fact, Mont Bleu offer a lifetime guaranty on the filing surface, which is pretty cool. 
The files come with velvet pouches to protect them. I received two sizes; a full size file and a mini one, which is great to slip into your pocket or bag and it's also good for filing tiny Noel nails!


Boar Bristle Hair Brush 9044

8,30 € ($12.84NZD) - shop
From the Mont Bleu site:

Wood hair brush with selected boar bristles that is suitable for everyday use and for all types of hair. Length: 244mm/9.6 inches.

I have been loving this hair brush since I got it. I've used standard plastic paddle brushes... well, always. I've never had a boar bristle brush before. But I'm a convert now. I really like how the bristles get through all the layers of my (thick!) hair, all without leaving my hair fluffy! I chucked this in my handbag to take away for the weekend just gone and let me tell you, those crystals are stuck in place very securely. My handbag is a death trap. It's the true test of an adhesive. No one tag me in a 'What's in your bag' post because the results will be frightening.
This brush is also great if you curl your hair. I often find that if my curls last overnight, brushing my hair with my regular plastic paddle brush the next day leaves them fluffy and takes them more into soft wave territory. Not so with this brush, which somehow smoothes through the hair without disturbing the curls. Such magic. My curls lasted four days before I washed my hair the last time I curled it, but I think they would have lasted even longer if I'd stuck it out and dry shampooed instead.


Austrian Crystal Earrings EMB11.3

8,00 € ($12.38NZD) - Shop
From the Mont Bleu site:

Crystal earrings "Crystal Vitrail Medium", covered with hypo allergic metal, crystal size: 6mm/0.24 inches. 

These earrings are ridiculously pretty and very well made. I wore them for several days and they were really comfortable to wear, even sleeping. They're hypo-allergenic, so these are a great choice if you're sensitive to some materials in jewellery. I am mildly sensitive and get icky gunkiness from some metals in earrings but had no problem here.


Swarovski compact mirror ACS-06.6

27,00 € ($41.78NZD) - Shop
From the Mont Bleu site:

Swarovski compact mirror “Flowers I Peridot” made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, decoration is made by hand, comes with gift box

This compact mirror is beautifully made and presented, with its own gift box. The mirror has a nice weight to it and opens and closes securely. I'd be a little afraid to leave it loose in my handbag for fear of scatching it, but this would look beautiful on a vanity, or you could keep it in its gift box. 

I can't nitpick about anything here, and you guys know how thorough I am. The quality of everything is outstanding.
Shipping was incredibly prompt and well packaged, with my parcel arriving within a week of notification from Mont Bleu.  Mont Bleu ship by priority air mail for just 3€ ($4.64NZD) or for free if you spend over 38€ ($58.79NZD). They also offer Fedex Express Shipping.

Have you tried Mont Bleu's products before? Are you a glass file fan?


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  1. I love those earrings - so pretty! I'm putting some in my cart right now.
    You always do such thorough reviews, I really like reading them.

    1. Thank you so much! The earrings are unbelievably sparkly.

  2. What girl doesn't love some BLING?!