June Life Update

Hey lovelies,

I thought I'd share something a bit different and show you some snippets of our life. Here's what we got up to in June.


We took inspiration from Twodaloo and made some starry night playdough. Noel had so much fun mixing in all the glitter and we played with the finished playdough for ages.


Patrick is almost sitting! His expressions in these pictures are pretty funny ^_^


Another Twodaloo tutorial! We made our own version of their slippery sea foam. Noel chose his own colours and spent lots of time helping his dinosaurs stomp around in it.


June was the month of crocheting. I was given a Spotlight voucher by my sister for my birthday in May, and she's really into crocheting so I decided to buy myself a crochet kit and give it a go too. There were some mishaps and a bit of unravelling but I'm getting better and I'm really enjoying it!
Mike got a scarf, which he loooooves.

Noel liked his scarf too!


We went and visited Annemarie (Gimikd Girl) and my nerdy self made a start on spreadsheeting her collection in-between noms. Such sparkly goodness! Annemarie always adds so much to my wishlist.


I also got to hang out with Serra from Peacock Pie and make nail polish with her, which deserves its own blog post! More news coming soon... can't wait to share!


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  1. Aw man, that play dough looks like so much fun! I want to make some now but no one to ply with :(