Interview with Mishka from Accio Lacquer

Hey lovelies,

Flail with me today as I present an interview with the incomparable Mishka from Accio Lacquer! Mishka is soooo lovely and her blog is responsible for many a lemming. We also share many fandoms :D

Tell me a bit about you!
This is such a hard question! I'm so bad at describing myself. I am at least 42% sure I am a human. Not sure, I might be a cylon. I tend to escape into books. Because, let's be honest, growing up is way easier when you have Arthur Dent and Luna Lovegood on your side!

How did you first get into nail polish? Do you have any special memories? Was there someone who got you into it?
I have always had a fascination with nail polish, but I didn't get into it until after my father passed away. I needed something to throw myself into...and it ended up being nail polish. 

What made you decide to start blogging?
My stash! It got to a point where I had so much nail polish that I felt I needed to do SOMETHING with it, just so I could justify having it! Now when people learn how many bottles I have I can at least say, "I'm a nail blogger. Shut your face." That helps them think my obsession is a little bit more normal. I hope. 

How do you juggle blogging with work/family/other commitments?
Seriously, this is my daily struggle. Even after close to two years I have not found that balance. Failasaurus Rex here. 

Is there anything about blogging you find difficult or dislike? What has been your biggest challenge?
One word: Editing. It is the bane of my existence! I mean, is there a specific reason that my camera can't automatically add my watermark as I take each photo? C'MON, TECHNOLOGY! You're better than this! 

Do you have any blogging role models? What do you admire about them?
My biggest role models tend to be the ladies I followed before getting heavily into polish myself. And I'm a big obsessor over nail art bloggers who freehand their work. I'm always trying to up my freehand game, so they give me a lot to look up to. Chalkboard Nails, Nailasaurus (two dino references in two questions!), The Daily Nail, Pshiiit, Madam Luck, and a neverending list of others.

What has been your favourite blogging moment to date?
I am a very excitable person, so it's hard to pick one moment. The whole journey still seems entirely surreal. But I definitely had some immense flails when I realized that people were really getting behind the blog. I just...I never saw it coming. 

What is your most prized nail polish?
My most prized bottle is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. A few months before my father passed away he and I went out to California for six weeks to see my brother. On the first day, he and I went to Target to buy a bunch of stuff that we didn't bother packing. While there he got me that polish. I wore it the entire trip! 

What's the weirdest beauty item you own?
I don't know if this counts, but I have a very specific eyeshadow shade from Shiro Cosmetics. Everyone needs to own Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon.

What is the strangest polish name in your collection?
Considering all of the INSANE and AWESOME names indies come up with, that's a very hard one! I don't know that it's the strangest, but "Pegasus Jizz" is probably my favorite.

Is there anything you regret NOT buying?
Oh man, I have one above all others! Hot Mess Lacquers Game Over! I had it in my cart on Etsy for months, but foolish me, I never made the move to buy it. Then Hot Mess closed down. I don't think I will ever have a bigger nail regret than that one. *hangs head* 

Tell me about your best beauty bargain.
I have one of those! There's a handful of Sally's Beauty stores in my city, but I found one that caters almost entirely to hair salons. They still get the same polishes as the other stores, but since no one goes there to buy polish it all ends up on clearance! I have gotten so many AMAZING HTFs because of this! JACKPOT!

Is there a polish purchase you really regret?
Ugh. Crackle. Finishes. 

What is your biggest lemming?
Yeeeeeeeah, Hot Mess Game Over, lol. 

What has been your biggest beauty blunder?
Prooooobably the time I fell asleep while bleaching my hair. That 

Do you have a go to mani?
Surprisingly enough, no. Though I will use any excuse to use The Lady Varnishes "Anduin" and Supernatural Lacquer "Atropos"

What's your favourite fandom?
It's almost shocking how easy it is for me to say A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. George R. R. Martin is my god. 

Favourite character from a fandom?
See, this is a torture question. I have favorites from every fandom, but I can't list them all here. So I'll go with my favorite from ASoIaF/GoT. With that in mind - Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the first of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Favourite ship?
CRUISE LINERS! Omg, I am freaking hilarious! For super serious though, that's a toughie. I have so many. All it takes is a sidelong glance between characters for me to ship it. I even ship inanimate objects. Pretty sure the stapler and sticky notes on my desk have a thing going on.

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  1. D'aww, she really is such a sweetie. I love her approach to nails. And everything, actually!

  2. Squeee I love Accio Lacquer! I love this interview. Just curious Lani - what's your favorite ship? :)

    1. Ooooh good question! Hmmmm it changes all the time. Possibly 11/Amy Pond? Can I ship Dean Winchester and his body? I ship Buffy & Angel, Spuffy and Fred/Gunn from way back too... now I have Fred feels - thanks Lexie :p