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Hey lovelies,

Today's interview is with up and coming blogger, Alana Nisbett. I love the amount of drive and dedication Alana has! Read on to find out more about her.

Tell me a bit about you!
I’m 17 and from a small town in the North Island called Gisborne. I recently moved down South to Dunedin to do my first year in hairdressing, and I am loving it so far (not loving the cold weather so much though…) I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and will soon be starting to do videos on Youtube as well.

How did you first get into makeup? Do you have any special memories? Was there someone who got you into it?
I have always loved everything beauty-related, but I first started learning about it when I had dropped out of high school and was looking to enrol in a course to take up my spare time. So I enrolled in a 6 month beauty and fashion course when I was 15, and I really enjoyed it and realised I have a real passion for it.

What made you decide to start blogging?
I decided to start blogging because I wanted to inform, entertain, and inspire others who have the same interests as me.

How do you juggle blogging with work/family/other commitments?
When I am not studying or working, all of my spare time goes into writing posts for my blog and working on my brand. It is tough some times trying to make time to fit everything in, however, I think in the end all this hard work will pay off.

Is there anything about blogging you find difficult or dislike? What has been your biggest challenge?
The only thing I really struggle with is that I am not the greatest in front of camera (especially when you’re talking to yourself in an empty room) - as I want to start doing Youtube tutorials and things of that nature. I think it’s a good thing though, i’ll be able to overcome the nerves and feel comfortable over time.

Do you have any blogging/vlogging/Instagram role models? What do you admire about them?
My role model is Shannon Harris (shaaanxo) who does vlogs on Youtube. I admire that she is in general a bright and bubbly person and mostly that she is very honest and genuine. I find that you see many vloggers/bloggers who don’t express themselves as much and try to sort of create an image around themselves when they should just be themselves and that way you get an audience who like and appreciate what you have to say. Also my partner Jose, who is very encouraging and always there for me when I need help, he is on a much higher level of being tech savvy than I am - I can thank him for building my awesome site!

What has been your favourite blogging moment to date?
I haven’t been blogging for very long but I would have to say that it would be when my stats spiked out of nowhere and I reached over 4,000 uniques in a day.

What is your most prized nail polish/makeup item?
At the moment it would have to be my Rimmel scandal eyes mascara and kohl eye pencil!

Is there anything you regret NOT buying?
I regret that I have not yet owned a GHD styler!

Tell me about your best beauty bargain.
Best beauty bargain is when this big 80% off sale comes to town every once in a while and I get buckets of makeup, nail polish, perfume, etc (this sale tends to make me a bit broke at the end of the week…)

Is there a makeup/polish purchase you really regret?
I don’t think I regret buying any product. If I try it and don’t like it then I’ll give it to someone who will happily have it so I know it doesn’t go to waste, then I know not to get it next time.

What is your biggest lemming?
I really want a makeup air-brusher!

What has been your biggest beauty blunder?
My beauty blunder is probably the very common blinking or mucking up with liquid eyeliner! (one day I will master liquid eyeliner)

Do you have a go to make up look/mani?
I don’t yet have a go to look. Still having fun playing with colours and trying different looks!


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  1. I haven't heard of Alana before but I just went onto her site - it's so good! Especially considering how young she is, I was still making a mess of my face with glitter and non-matched foundation back then. She's a one to watch!!

    1. For sure! The site design is lovely, such inspirational photography.

  2. What a delightful site! <3


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