Tutorial for Michaela - Easy Vampy Eye Featuring Sleek Oh So Special and Real Techniques


Hey lovelies,

My friend Michaela asked in our group NZ Makeup Junkies for an easy tutorial that would be suitable for a vampiric look so I jumped at the chance to whip one up using products I knew she had!

I knew Michaela had recently acquired a Real Techniques starter eyeshadow brush set and a Sleek Oh So Special palette so I decided to stick to them for this tutorial. I'm using three shadows from the Oh So Special palette, Boxed (matte dark brown), Celebrate (blackened ruby shimmer) and Bow (matte cream). Four if you count The Mail (matte tan) which I used on my brows. No doubt there are dupes or similar shades to these if you don't have this palette in your collection though.

My palette had a run in with Noel during his eyeshadow gouging phase. Thanks Noel.

And now a completely irrelevant GIF, because Tom Hiddleston.

Let us begin!

Start by laying down a base of your primer of choice, then using a small fluffy brush (Real Techniques Base Shadow brush) pat and sweep Boxed along the socket line (in black) and outer V (in pink). Gently blend out. 

Using the same brush, pat Celebrate all over the lid, blending slightly into Boxed.

Now using a small detailing brush (Real Techniques Accent Brush), pat Celebrate along the lower lashline, lightly smoking it out.

Next take a big fluffy brush (Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush), pick up a generous amount of Bow and use it to diffuse the edges of the eyeshadow and blend out anything patchy. Pop some in the inner corners too to balance all the dark shadow.

To add some definition (and because I'm an eyeliner addict), slowly draw a line of liquid liner, keeping it fairly thin and hugging your lashline. I'm using Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner, which is great for newbies and experts alike (review here).

Finish with lashings of mascara (I used Collection Does It All) and you're all set!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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  1. The look looks gorgeous on you Lani :)

  2. Hi Lani, love this look I'm a bit scared of dark looks but this is a great tut. 2 questions... What is on your lips???? And second, do you find that mascara ok? I see everybody raving about it but it transfers like a B on me and yet I never usually have that problem with mascara.

    1. Hey Juliet, it's MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick :) I do like that mascara quite a lot, I find it transfers if I use more than two coats though. I get the best results by applying one layer at a time going between both eyes instead of trying to do all the layering building at once if that makes sense?


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