Impulse Cosmetics Lipsticks - Melancholy, Pretty Please, Ecstasy, Run Away, Demure and Platonic Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

I bought a ten pack of Impulse Cosmetics lipstick samples back in March after trying and loving Medusa (review here). Since then this post has been lingering in my drafts folder as I work my way through untried lippies, but not for lack of awesomeness! I thought I'd better get my butt into gear and post the ones I've swatched and tested though, because Impulse Cosmetics have recently discontinued Demure and there are only clamshell sizes left on their site. So if you like that one, be quick!
That being said, I did snap up a fullsize tube for an upcoming PANZ Blog Challenge prize, so if you're not quick enough to get a clamshell, you may still be able to get your hands on it...

All the pretties, swatched on bare skin & photographed in sunlight.

I ordered a 10 pack of clamshells so I could try a heap of shades. You get 1/4 tsp of product in each clamshell so there's plenty for several applications. It's a great way to get a good feel for the formula and pick up colours you might not want in a full size tube (I'm thinking of getting samples of some of the greens for that reason).

I really enjoy Impulse Cosmetics formula for the most part, I don't experience any feathering, bleeding or drying. Some shades are drier or creamier in texture than others which I'll note with each shade.



Melancholy is a rich true purple with a matte finish. The formula is very, very dry which makes it hard to pick up with a lip brush; as such I felt like I had to keep dipping and redipping my brush into the clamshell to apply. Melancholy is quite opaque, it just doesn't really lend itself to the clamshell format and so it looks a bit sheer. I think it would work a lot better applying directly from a full size tube, where the lipstick could melt against your lips a little more. I really love this colour, so I'm definitely keen to pick up a full size tube soon.
For all the dryness of the formula, it's not actually drying. Melancholy lasts 4+ hours on me and leaves some faint pink staining.


Pretty Please

Sorry, missing the product photo for this one! Pretty Please is a very pink toned red matte. It's pinker than any of my other reds, and wears terrifically. No feathering or bleeding here.



Ecstasy is the perfect bright candy pink. It has great colour pay off, however the matte formula emphasises flaws a bit. The formula on Ecstasy is a little creamier than some of the other shades, which makes it easy to apply with a brush from the clamshell. I love this one. I have a neon pink lippy problem oversupply of awesomeness at the moment.


Run Away

Run Away is a magenta with violet undertones that reminds me of MAC Petals & Peacocks - I miss that lippy! It has more translucency than any of the other shades shown today but it's still opaque and even. 


Demure is a light pink with a hint of lavender. It's surprisingly wearable and opaque for such a light shade, I was impressed! There was a hint of streakiness when I applied with a lip brush, which is largely my fault, sorry about that - you do have to be a little more careful applying Demure.  It doesn't suffer from the settling issues many lighter shades have. Worth picking up if you can, although it doesn't look anything like the promo pic on me. It's significantly lighter and less neon.

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Impulse Cosmetics - Platonic lipstick swatches & review

Platonic is a pink toned creamy nude, a very wearable shade that applies wonderfully. I didn't have any issues with the colour settling into liplines, as these shade are sometimes prone to doing. Platonic is very close in colour to Fyrinnae Ocelot and MAC Creme Cup. Everytime I think I'm challenging my lippy tastes by picking up one of these shades I realise I've bought virtually the same shade again. Derp.

Impulse Cosmetics - Platonic lipstick swatches & review

 A FOTD with Platonic

What I liked:
  • Non drying formula
  • Most colours have excellent colour pay off
  • Beautiful colour range
  • They don't feather, bleed or migrate
  • Great wear time - all of them last upwards of 4 hours on me easily.
What I didn't like:
  • The texture of Melancholy is quite dry and stiff (stiffer than a MAC Retro Matte), making it harder to pick up enough product with a lip brush.
  • Demure can be a little prone to streakiness.

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