Femme Fatale Friday: Sinister Calling Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Femme Fatale sure know their glitter bombs! Here is another of their beautiful polishes for Femme Fatale Friday today.

Butter London Nail Foundation
Star Kin - Orion, 2 coats
Femme Fatale - Sinister Calling, 2 coats
Glisten & Glow HK Girl, 2 coats

The formula on Sinister Calling is glitter packed but easy enough to apply. I didn't have to fish for any glitter and even got two stars on my index nail! It is a top coat eater, so I recommend leaving it for a wee bit before applying a second coat of top coat for a glossy finish. Even so, Sinister Calling is packed with the kind of glitter that loves to try to escape the nail; shards, stars and bar glitter, so it started to catch on things after a day or so. You can't argue with this beauty though.

What do you think of this Femme Fatale? 


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  1. So deep and sparkly! I can't wait for my polishes from the sale to arrive :)