Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner - Black and Brown Swatches & Review

Purchased by me/Prize

Hey lovelies,

I have some more goodies from Collection to share with you today. Collection has rapidly made grocery shopping a guilty pleasure because I can't help but sneak one or two things into the shopping cart! Eyeliner is a grocery item, right? Good.

Swatched on bare skin, above is a single stroke and below is several passes. Both of these have pretty good opacity, they look a little watery where they haven't been layered in the arm swatches, but this isn't so visible on the lid. 

The packaging of the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliners is fairly simple, the cap matches the colour inside, which is pretty handy. The applicator is quite firm, with most of the product sitting on the side rather than the tip. You can see this a little in the applicator close ups of the brown Fast Stroke eyeliner. Because of this, I did find that I needed to re dip the applicator quite a few times to get enough product.

Formula wise, these are pretty great. Once applied, they dry down matte and won't crack, fade or transfer. 





 A FOTD with Collection Fast Stroke - Brown

Side note - I received Brown as a prize from Collection's Facebook page, and I didn't expect to like it because I'm a die hard black liner gal, but I actually do! It's dark enough that I still feel like there's enough definition on my upper lash line, but the overall effect is a bit softer than black.

What I liked:
  • Good opacity
  • Doesn't crack, fade or transfer
What I didn't like:
  • A lot of the product rests on the sides of the applicator rather than the tip.
Where to buy:
  • Countdown supermarkets (NZ) - see a list of stockists on the Collection site here
  • It's also available in the Philippines - see a list of stockists on the website's where to buy page


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  1. Yes i don't like brown liner either, i haven't used one yet i prefer black ones! but on the photo it seems very nice maybe i'll try it! :)

    1. Hope it works wonderfully for you if you give it a go :)