NZ Indie Polish Month: Star Kin Chartreuse You Lose Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Day 5 of NZ Indie Polish Month brings you another Star Kin, this time one of my customs :) Don't forget to join the fun using the hashtag #nzindiepolish on social media!

Today I'll be showing you Chartreuse You Lose, a custom created with Ami to fulfil my lemming for a chartreuse holo. The name is a wee jab at Mike for not putting a ring on it yet (You snooze, you lose!)! This was the first version, which has a soft holo shimmer. There is another version I'll show you soon which is a bit more holo! 

The formula on Chartreuse You Lose is nice, it's a little sheer but easy to build and it dries super shiny on its own (the shine is quite diffused in my lightbox). I used 3 1/2 coats because I tend to apply a little more thickly in the centre of the nail. If you're better at applying even coats you'll get it in 3, easy!

Butter London Nail Foundation
Star Kin - Chartreuse You Lose, 3 1/2 coats
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat

And with flash to show the holo shimmer!

Chartreuse You Lose isn't available in the Star Kin shop, but if you contact Ami she might be able to whip something up.

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