NZ Indie Polish Month: Star Kin My Favourite Martians Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

NZ Indie Polish Month is drawing to a close! *Sniffles* I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more posts before the month is through, though. Join us using the hash tag #nzindiepolish!

Today's polish is both sheer perfection and infinitely cruel because you cannot buy this polish. My Favourite Martians is a special polish Ami occasionally gifts, but don't cry - she has other holo/duochromes (holochromes? Duoholos?) to mend your broken heart. Check out my Star Kin swatch masterpost to see Gold Rush, Orion and Con Shift for starters :)

The formula for My Favourite Martians, a blurple duochrome with a holo effect, is Star Kin at its best, it covers nicely in 3 coats and the colour shift is strong. As always with these polishes, photos do not do it justice and the shift and holo effect are so much stronger in real life, but I've done my best. Prepare for some picture spam!

Butter London Nail Foundation
Star Kin - My Favourite Martians, 3 coats
Glisten & Glow HK Girl

Mmmhmmm, purple shift.

Why yes, this is still the same polish.

Hnnnggghhhhh. Bottled sexiness. I'll treasure it forever, thank you Ami <3


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