NZ Indie Polish Month: Nail Juice Petal Swatches & Review



Hey lovelies,

Sorry I'm so behind on NZ Indie Polish Month! Between the giveaways and the reviews I was already feeling a little spammy, but I kept wearing NZ indies so I have a bit to show you :) Don't forget to join in by using the hashtag #nzindiepolish on social media!

Today's polish is Nail Juice Petal, a beautiful blue crelly I received from Steph for my birthday - thank you, Steph! Nail Juice is filled with blue, navy and white glitter and built up very nicely in 3 coats. It was almost perfect at two coats though! Petal dries to a satin finish, here I've shown it with a layer of HK Girl.

Butter London Nail Foundation
Nail Juice - Petal, 3 coats
Glisten & Glow HK Girl

Mmmmhmmm, that's a sexy polish. Just the right glitter/crelly distribution for my tastes :)

Have you tried any Nail Juice? Want to get some in your life? Enter my giveaway for the eponymous Lani L♡ve here - but be quick, it closes at midnight!


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