MAC Lipstick - Dreaming Dahlia Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

I have another limited edition MAC shade to show you today, because I'm a great big meanie. A Fantasy of Flowers wasn't on counter all that long ago in NZ though, so this shade may still be available at some counters. You may also be able to find it on Ebay or the clearance bin.

Dreaming Dahlia's packaging is the regular MAC packaging, gold flecked black and nice and sturdy. 

I was totally going to skip A Fantasy Of Flowers altogether until I saw it in person and swatched Dreaming Dahlia. This just goes to prove that I shouldn't be allowed to swatch coral lipsticks, because they are my kryptonite. Still, I behaved myself and resolved to wait until it came up cheaper than NZ retail ($40NZD!). I didn't have to wait too long - a brand new media sample popped up on Trade Me for around $20 a few weeks later and I pounced!

Dreaming Dahlia is an orange leaning coral with a Lustre finish. Up this close you can see that it emphasises flaws in my lips somewhat. From a normal viewing distance however it appears more even and looks almost juicy. I really like this lippy, I just think I need a bit more lip prep before wearing it as I do find Lustres to be an unforgiving formula.
When I tested Dreaming Dahlia for wear, it lasted for three hours before gradually fading (no eating or drinking) which I find to be pretty typical for the Lustre formula. It was neither hydrating nor drying.

What I liked:
  • Delivers sheer, glossy colour
  • Yummy vanilla scent
  • Lasts three hours
  • Not drying
What I didn't like:
  • Highlights flaws in lips
Where to buy:
  • Ebay
  • Some MAC counters may still have this shade!
Did you pick up anything from MAC's A Fantasy Of Flowers collection? What do you think of Dreaming Dahlia?


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  1. I got Rose Lily ^^

    Dreaming Dahlia looks gorgeous on you! I like that the color doesn't look as intense as it looks in the tube.

    1. Rose Lily looks pretty! I kind of want to get Snapdragon now..

  2. What a beauty! The lipstick and your pretty self. I love this on you ^^