Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliners - Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Recently I've been feeding my addiction to Korean eyeliners by building a collection of Holika Holika Jewel-Light eyeliners. They're inexpensive, richly pigmented, touted to be waterproof and long lasting and on top of that, there's a whopping 20 colours to choose from. Of those, I currently have:

#1 Black Jam
#5 Brown Amber
#7 1 Carat Diamond
#8 Pink Topaz
#9 18K Gold
#10 Chocolate Citrine
#11 Light Brown Amber
#12 Olive Jade
#15 Burgundy Garnet

Swatched on bare skin

The packaging of the Holika Holika Jewel-Light eyeliners is very pretty. The packaging matches the colour inside, right down to the contrasting shimmer in Brown Amber. I really like the holographic accents. These do need to be sharpened and you'll want to use a proper cosmetic sharpener because the formula errs on the softer side. The caps all close pretty securely, I haven't had one open in my make up bag yet.

Now I'll show you these eyeliners one by one, with the make up looks for each hyperlinked below.

Black Jam is your standard black matte liner. It has great colour pay off and lasts very well on my upper lashline. I will occasionally get the tiniest bit of transfer above my lid if it's been a very hot day. I tested this shade on a swimming pool trip and it held up okay through splashing around with Noel, but once I submerged my head it started to fade and wash away. 
This doesn't fare so well for tightlining which surprised me given how well it lasts otherwise - the colour immediately transferred to my waterline. On my waterline, wear was similarly a bit disappointing. It remained intact for around four hours before beginning to fade and look patchy.


Brown amber is a rich chocolate with fine pink shimmer which is a little tricky to see unless you're peering really close. It's very easy to apply and smoke out. On my lower lashline it's budgeproof until I'm ready to remove it.


#1 Carat Diamond is a super sparkly silvery white. It's quite opaque, but it's worth noting that the sparkle makes this ever so slightly gritty. This is my unexpected favourite of the sparkly shades!


Pink Topaz is pale pink and gold sparkle in a light pink base. Like 1 Carat Diamond, the sparkle can be a little gritty. The grittiness doesn't cause a reaction for me but after several hours I do find myself rubbing my eyes a little.


18K Gold is a blingy yellow gold. It shares the same formula as 1 Carat Diamond and Pink Topaz.


#10 Chocolate Citrine
I swear I've worn this, but I can't find the pics for the life of me. Will update if I find them!
Chocolate Citrine is your classic matte brown. It's creamy and opaque and pretty budge proof. The formula is virtually the same as Black Jam.


Light Brown Amber is a very wearable medium brown shimmer. It is a little sheerer than some of the other shades but easily be built to opacity. It blends out nicely and lasts well too.


Olive Jade is a gorgeous shimmered medium olive green. The consistency is creamy but the lasting power is great. It can be blended out easily without losing opacity, which I really like.


And our final shade, Burgundy Garnet, is also aptly named. It's a lightly shimmered burgundy with great colour pay off. I did find it a little stiff to smudge out, so you'll want to work quickly. Like the other shades, Burgundy Garnet had great lasting power.

What I liked:
  • Most of the eyeliners have a lovely, creamy texture which just glide on
  • Great pigmentation
  • Excellent lasting power
  • Super cheap! I picked up most of these for $3.92USD + shipping from Roseroseshop and the remainder on Ebay for $5 or $6USD shipped.
What I didn't like:
  • Chocolate Citrine is matte brown instead of the sparkly brown it appears to be in promotional images.
  • Wearing the highlight shades - #7 1 Carat Diamond, #8 Pink Topaz, #9 18K Gold - in my inner corners irritates them after a while. Not enough to cause a reaction, I just find myself rubbing at my eyes quite a bit. Patting a little similarly coloured eyeshadow over them, as I did with 1 Carat Diamond, fixes this however.
  • I would call these water resistant rather than waterproof. They're not phased by tears, rain or small splashes at the beach or pool, but they won't survive full blown swimming.
Where to buy:
Have you tried any of the Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliners? What did you think?


PS. If you're curious about how these stack up to the Tosowoong eyeliners I reviewed recently, I have a maaaaassive comparison post coming up.


  1. These are absolutely stunning and the photography is amazing!! Gorgeous use of colours-I am so inspired and would love to get my hands on a few of these wee babies. Fantastic work guys you should be really proud- keep it up, I will definitely be recommending your blog, this is the first time I have visited and am so impressed. Well done! I am an eye makeup addict and these pictures practically had me drooling....More Please!

    1. Thank you so much, Vampirella! Feel free to make any requests for things you'd like to see, and browse the archives :) If you like these you may also like the Tosowoong ones, and the Femme Fatale Friday and A Fyrinnae A Day features <3

  2. Fantastic blog ...congrats
    I following you all hope I win it