Comparison Swatches - MAC, Lime Crime, Indies & More!

Hey lovelies,

A couple of you mentioned in comments on my current giveaways that you'd like to see some comparisons and I just so happened to have some lippy ones waiting to be posted :)

These are all just ones I happened to be curious about while swatching for reviews - if there's something in particular you'd like to see, have a peek at my stash list and let me know.

Innisfree Creamy Lip Tint #1 Flower Buds Pink/MAC Retro Matte - All Fired Up

I did lip swatches of these pretty close together and was surprised at how close they looked on the lips. Side by side, Flower Buds Pink is a bit pinker and a little less matte, but this could be a 'close enough' dupe for some. Flower Buds Pink was reviewed here.

I've accumulated quite a few shimmery reds of late, and I wondered how they all stacked up. All shimmery, all red (well, Cranberry Mix is more of a burgundy, I suppose!), but no dupes here. I've reviewed most of these already and have linked them above :)

Lime Crime - Glamour 101/LA Girl Luxury Creme - Promiscuous

Promiscuous reminded me of Glamour 101 when I swatched this batch of LA Girl Luxury Creme lipsticks, but in reality Promiscuous is quite a lot browner.

MAC Matte - Kinda Sexy/Jordana - Matte Natural

This is a very good match! Matte Natural is a hair lighter, peachier and a little less matte than Kinda Sexy, but they're very close. I'm almost tempted to call dupe. If you've been itching to try Kinda Sexy but you're not keen on MAC prices, give the Jordana a whirl. The formula is actually really close to MAC's. Find another Jordana dupe for a MAC lippy here.

Jordana - Pumpkin/Lime Crime - My Beautiful Rocket

I've picked up a lot of Jordana lippies to review lately, and was surprised to find that Pumpkin was quite a true orange with good colour pay off. As you can see, it's got a little more red in it than My Beautiful Rocket, but it's a great option if you've been wanting to try an orange lipstick without spending a lot.

Skinfood Seaweed Real Color Lip Pencil #1 Deep Sea Red/MAC Retro Matte - Riri Woo

Another case of being curious about how close some of my brighter matte reds compared. All in the same vein, with Riri Woo being the truest red of the three, along with the most matte. The Etude and Skinfood shades are slightly pinker, the Etude is a little less matte.

I hope you enjoyed this post ^_^ Like I said, do let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see!


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  1. Ooowh I've always fancied MAC Kinda sexy but I have Jordana Natural so woohoo! Also love pumpkin but I only ever wear it toned down with a neutral or red. Jewellsparkle

    1. Maybelline Bold Matte Mat 7 Nude is quite similar too :D I bought it going 'ooh I don't usually go for matte nudes, stepping out of my comfort zone, yeah! Oh wait they're pretty much the same' LOL. Oooh the Pumpkin combos sound pretty!