Toswoong Makeon Princess Limited Edition Season 1 Eyeliners - Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Today I have another of Tosowoong's beautiful Makeon Princess eyeliner sets to show you! This is Season 1, a very wearable set.

Season 1 features a mermaid reminiscent of Ariel, very cute!

The eyeliners come boxed in yellow packaging. I like that there are English translations, it's a nice touch and saves a bit of googling!

The casing is a sturdy tin which closes securely. It has a removable velvety plastic tray to hold the eyeliners in place. L-R, we have: #02 Party Tonight Pearl Black, #03 Lovely Espresso Brown, #04 Sexy Vampire Burgundy and #06 Look At Me Lovely Beige. All of these shades are from Tosowoong's permanent collection of eyeliners, so the limited edition really just applies to the format (they are shorter than the fullsize eyeliners) and packaging.

Swatchity swatch! I'm repeating myself from my previous review of the Season 3 set, because the quality is very consistent:

The colour pay off on all of the eyeliners is great - Secret Princess Gold is the sheerest of the five but even so, it's still very densely packed with sparkle. Speaking of sparkle, the shimmer in this isn't irritating to my eyes and doesn't migrate over the course of the day. The wear time is fantastic, they don't crease or disappear and they survive a trip to the beach. 

They are very easy to sharpen, though there can be a little wastage because the product itself is somewhat soft. This softness is handy too though, it stops the eyeliners from skipping or dragging during application, and it means that you can pick up product easily with a liner brush if you'd like a more precise line. They're just, to put it the blunt Kiwi way, pretty bloody fantastic.

The only claim they don't consistently live up to is doubling as an eyeshadow, which Tosowoong demonstrate in their Ebay listings. I find that some shades feel tacky as an eyeshadow (such as Blonde from the Season 3 set/Bronze Spectrum line), while others are fine (like Deep Bronze, also from the previously mentioned set/collection), and the tackier ones crease after 6 hours wear. Some of the shades are also a little harder to apply evenly as an eyeshadow.

I won't repeat myself regarding formula etc below, instead I'll show you a close up of each pencil and a look with each (full posts with further FOTD details will be hyperlinked).



Lovely Espresso Brown on lower lashline (details on Sunday)




What I liked:
  • Great colour pay off
  • Fantastic lasting power
  • Some shades work as an eyeshadow too
  • Can be smoked or blended out (though you'll need to be quick, they set fast!)
  • According to Tosowoong's Ebay listing, these are hypo-allergenic
  • Can be picked up cheaply
What I didn't like:
  • Not all of the shades double as eyeshadow (speaking of the line as a whole as the brand indicates they can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow).
Where to buy:
All of the shades in this set are available separately as well as in the set. It's worth checking out the Tosowoong store because they run a lot of auctions at lower prices than their Buy It Nows and it's very easy to pick up a bunch of these very cheaply - often with free shipping too!

Have you tried any Tosowoong eyeliners? What did you think?


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  1. Argghghghh! Why are all these lovely things LE? Do you have any idea roughly how long they'll be around for?

    1. I'm not sure, but all the colours are permanent so you only need to panic if you really want them in the set :) The sets are still available on Ebay though -

  2. Love this packaging and the gold is gorgeous~

    1. It's super cute. Thanks for stopping by, Freshie :)