My Beauty Addiction Lipstick - Miss Monroe, O.C.D., Sinful and Violetta Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Today the title of my blog is a lie. Today I feel like this about the reviewed products:

So yeah, spoiler alert.

I mentioned in my recent review of LunatiCK Labs' Apocalipsticks that I'd been delving into the world of indie lippies lately. I saw some swatches of several My Beauty Addiction lipsticks on Be Glamorous By Lindsay's blog and they looked really lovely. There was a great range of both wearable and unusual colours, so I decided to order a few 'safe' shades and some unique to my collection from their two lipstick formulas.

L-R, I picked up Miss Monroe (HD Lip Paint), Sinful (Color Rich), Violetta (Color Rich) and O.C.D. (HD Lip Paint).

I chose to get Miss Monroe in the full size tube, because I figured I'd love it and use it the most. For the remaining three shades (Sinful, Violetta and O.C.D.) I chose a set of petite lipsticks. These are packaged in twist up lip balm style tubes. Be warned though - these will not twist back down. My Beauty Addiction do mention this in their product listing, which is a good move, but since this is a known issue, I think switching to a more reliable mini tube format (like a standard lip balm) would be better.

Sinful is a frosty/shimmery brick red. The shimmer in this made it difficult to apply evenly, I found it clung to some parts of my lips and lifted away in others when I tried to touch it up. It looked better from a normal distance, as you can see below, so I'll keep trying to make this work. 


Violetta is a dark, dusty purple shimmer. It's not as dark or opaque as the stock image suggests on the My Beauty Addiction store listing. Violetta suffered the same formula issues as Sinful, but was a bit more opaque overall, covering up some of the troublesome application.

Both Color Rich lipsticks were exceptionally thick and soft. Because they're so soft (which My Beauty Addiction does state), it wasn't really feasible to apply them straight from the tube. Just arm swatching Violetta from the tube resulted in the end of the lipstick breaking. After a bit of trial and error, I found the best application method that worked for me was using a lip brush to outline and partially fill in my lips, before applying from the tube using a dabbing motion to fill in the rest of my lips. I then went back with the lip brush to even out any clumps of lipstick. I mention dabbing rather than swiping the way you usually would with any other lipstick because the product is so thick and soft that swiping results in a thick chunk of lipstick sitting on your mouth. Not pretty.

I felt like I must be missing something after these troublesome applications, so I contacted My Beauty Addiction on their Facebook page explaining the trouble I was having and asked for any application tips. And waited. And waited. And so far, nada, though they've remained active on their Facebook page. I actually held off posting this for a few weeks, because it's never fun posting negative reviews and I hoped they'd respond with some advice, but the lack of response has disappointed me further.


O.C.D. is a light and bright pink creme with yellow undertones. After being frustrated by the two Color Rich lipsticks, I was hoping for better results from O.C.D since it was a creme rather than a shimmer/frost. It's just as thick and soft as the previous two and unfortunately also suffered from formula issues, albeit different ones. O.C.D is very opaque, but it has an odd, thick texture that sits on your lips rather than settling, and is difficult to smooth out. You'd be forgiven for thinking my lips were in disgusting condition in the lip swatch below, but that texture you can see is not my lips. That's the lipstick. Scroll down to the lip swatch of Miss Monroe below, which was done the same day and you'll see there's not a lip flake in sight, nor is there in any of the other lip swatches I did that day. Weird, right? I REALLY wanted to love this one, but you can see the odd texture a little even from a normal viewing distance.


Finally we come to Miss Monroe, the shade I opted to get in a full size tube. The full size tube is really pretty, with diamantes studded around the centre of the glossy black plastic case.

Miss Monroe is a bright red shimmer with orange undertones. This lipstick had the best colour pay off and texture of the bunch - I can't help wondering if there is something different about the formula in the full size tubes versus the minis. Weartime was okay, it feathered a bit and there was noticeable demarcation lines just an hour after application.

I wouldn't rule out buying lipstick from My Beauty Addiction again, but I feel less confident about it. I'd want to buy a full size tube or perhaps the jars after my experience with the minis, so I'll likely wait for a good sale before trying again.

What I liked:
  • Miss Monroe, Sinful and O.C.D. had great colour pay off
  • Miss Monroe had great texture
  • The full size packaging is super pretty
What I didn't like:
  • Sinful and Violetta were tricky to apply evenly
  • Violetta didn't really look like the promo pic
  • O.C.D. had a really funky texture
  • All of the mini lipsticks were difficult to apply from the tube
Where to buy:
Have you tried any lipsticks from this brand? What did you think?


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