Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstain - Cherry Pop Swatches & Review


Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Another beauty resurfaces from my drafts folder! Today I'll be showing you Cherry Pop, an aptly named lipstain by Maybelline.

The packaging is sleek and simple. I like that it matches the colour of the product itself, it makes it very easy to identify the colour in a large stash.

The applicator is a felt tip, which is both good and bad. Felt tips are often great for a precise application, but they can dry out, and that's precisely what has happened with Cherry Pop. The tip has dried out, meaning I can only apply it with the side of the pen, not ideal at all :s I've never left it with the cap off, or stored it with the pen tip upright, so I'm not really sure how it dried out. This is even more annoying because I could completely understand the product drying out if I were at fault.

Cherry Pop is a sheer warm red. It's a great introduction to a red lip if you're not feeling confident with red lippy yet. You can apply it alone for a stained effect, or over lipliner for a long lasting matte red lip. I've worn it both ways and found that it lasted through food and drink for 6+ hours with minimal feathering (but only feathered over lipliner, oddly enough!). I do find it to be drying after 1-2 hours however.

What I liked:
  • Pretty good colour pay off
  • Felt tip applicator allows for a precise application (when it works, that is...)
What I didn't like:
  • Feels drying after 1-2 hours
  • The pen tip on mine dried out quickly, which means I can only apply with the side of the marker :/
Where to buy:
  • Cosmetics clearance stores and etailers, bucket sales etc
  • Ebay
  • Trademe

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