March Empties

Hey lovelies,

Look look! I have an empties post for the first time in foreverrrrrr. I guess I just hate using things up (cosmetics in particular), but it's unavoidable sometimes. And I do have a ridiculous amount of samples etc waiting to be used up.

Tonymoly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Pearl: 
This is a nice mask which moisturises effectively. There is a scent, which I didn't find overly strong, although I've read other reviews who found it to be overly perfumed. My skin looked a little brightened after use but this faded within a day or so.

Etude House Milky You Cleansing Foam:
This is a nice and effective cleansing foam. My skin felt cleansed, but not dried out and tight. It has a light but inoffensive fragrance. I liked the Missha cleanser a little more, just because it was more fun :D

Swan Strengthening Nail Polish Remover:
I go through a bottle of this most months. I stock up everytime Uncle Bills gets more - it's cheap and effective, 'nuff said.

Lip Smackers - Lemon Lime Rush:
It's hard to look past Lip Smackers for effective hydration on the go and they're cheap as chips. This one smells really nice, I'll definitely be adding more Lip Smackers to my collection (especially since I'm close to finishing another one at the moment).

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara: This might have actually knocked Bourjois 1001 Lashes out of the competition for my favourite mascara. I love the lift it gives my lashes and it's not as prone to clumping as the Bourjois.

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner: One of Australis' GWP offerings (and still available in a set with a palette and something else at selected NZ pharmacies. This was a fun eyeliner to use, the shape did actually made liner a bit easier to apply, but I did find it dried out sooner than I would have liked. It also  left marks above my lids over the course of the day.

Bourjois 1001 Lashes: I'm up to my fourth tube of this and I still haven't gotten round to reviewing this! What a slacker. One of my favourite cheap mascaras. It gives my lashes a lot of lift but can be a little clumpy. I might repurchase this if it was readily available at Postie still but probably not otherwise because Iblike Lash Stiletto Voluptuous a bit better.

Revlon Blonde Eyebrow Pencil: Technically this one isn't finished, but it's so short now that it's stuck inside the cap and I can't pry it open. This is a great match for my eyebrows and looks really natural. I'm trying to use up an MUA brow pencil at the moment but I'd definitely consider repurchasing this.

Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser: I really liked this cleanser. It foamed up A LOT during application, almost to the density of shaving cream, which meant I found my reflection rather hilarious. It has a light scent which isn't offensive or irritating. My skin felt lovely and clean after this; it didn't feel stripped or tight the way other cleansers I've tried can leave my skin feeling.

Dyabo Aloe Moisture Facial Mask Pack: I enjoyed using this mask. It's a pre-soaked cloth mask with a light aloe vera scent. The mask felt very wet, but it wasn't messy to apply, and it stayed in place without any trouble while I wore it. I kept it on for about half an hour, as per the mask's instructions and then after removal, patted the remaining liquid into my skin. My skin felt soft and moisturised after using this mask and continued to feel that way for a few days. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about this mask online, let alone where to purchase it, but I would definitely try this again if I could.

Did you finish up anything in March? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section :)


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