LA Girl Luxury Creme Lipsticks - Dreamer, Romance, Sinful, Soul Mate and True Love Swatches & Review


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Update: This post is currently in the process of being revamped with better, more accurate swatches. Thanks for your patience!

Hey lovelies,

I stumbled across these awesome LA Girl lipsticks last week and I have been hanging out to share them with you! I was hunting for more Jordana lipsticks to swatch for the blog in a local dollar store, when I spotted a display of LA Girl lippies. I'd seen other lipsticks from the brand in other stores which hadn't impressed me too much upon swatching, but I'd never seen this Luxury Creme line before, and the colours gave me pause. There were even testers, which is pretty rare in dollar stores around here, so I swatched one... and was blown away. Then I swatched another, and another, and then before I knew it I was at the counter buying a small pile of lipsticks. Willpower? What's that?

To start with (yeah, I'm already planning to go back for more!) I grabbed a selection of colours that I knew I'd like, and a few to push my boundaries a bit. Left to right, we have Dreamer, Romance, True Love, Soul Mate and Sinful. 

Update: I forgot the arm swatches when I posted this! *Face palm*

The lipsticks all have glossy black packaging and a clear cap so you can easily see the colour you're after. It reminds me of the Wet n Wild Megalast lippy packaging, which is reinforced by the same style lip bullet.

There is a packaging flaw with these lipsticks - the name of them is printed on the sticker that remains on the cap, and there's nothing on the rest of the lipstick to identify the shade. This means if you have more than one of these lippies and you take the caps off, say to take a picture of them all lined up, it's easy to get mixed up and forget which shade is which (yes, I speak from experience. Thank goodness for Google).

Packaging aside - onto the lipsticks!


LA Girl Luxury Creme - Dreamer lipstick swatches & review

Dreamer is a glossy black. I had Lime Crime's Styletto years ago and had a bit of destash regret - I wore it maybe twice ever, but I just missed having a black lipstick! So I was excited to pick this up. Dreamer isn't nearly as opaque as Styletto, it takes a little TLC to even out, but it looks better from a distance, as you can see below. I'm going to try layering this over black liner for a night out - I've always wanted to recreate this Doe Deere look

LA Girl Luxury Creme - Dreamer lipstick swatches & review



LA Girl Luxury Creme - Romance lipstick swatches & review

Romance is a purple leaning berry shade with a satin finish. This was a surprise favourite for me, I don't have anything like this. The colour pay off is really good and it has a great texture, really smooth and not at all drying.

LA Girl Luxury Creme - Romance lipstick swatches & review


True Love

LA Girl Luxury Creme - True Love lipstick swatches & review

True Love is a berry tinged pink creme. This is another one that I really don't have anything like, the hint of purple makes it different to my other pinks. Again, this has fantastic colour pay off and has just the right amount of slip. 

LA Girl Luxury Creme - True Love lipstick swatches & review


Soul Mate

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lipsticks - Soul Mate Swatches & Review

Soul Mate is a pinky red creme - I'm a bit of a broken record, I know, but this shade also had wonderful colour pay off and texture. I tested this shade for wear (without lipliner) and experienced minor feathering after 2 hours, but this is pretty standard for me - red and dark lipsticks feather on me without fail if I skip lipliner unless they're a really matte formula. If you don't have any trouble with feathering, you shouldn't have any issues with this one. I'm perfectly happy to use lipliner, I find it improves wear time for me too. Speaking of wear time, this lipstick lasted for 6 hours on me without any issues, before wearing away during a meal. The creamy texture of the lipstick lasted too, it wasn't drying at all.

LA Girl Luxury Creme - True Love lipstick swatches & review


LA Girl Luxury Creme - Sinful lipstick swatches & review

Sinful is a WHAM POW ultra bright coral creme! I LOVE this one - no surprise there, coral lipstick is my kryptonite. This reminds me of MAC Toxic Tale, although I no longer have that lipstick to compare it to. That reminds me, I must do a comparison of my coral lipsticks. Like most of the other shades mentioned, this had exceptional colour pay off and the texture was great. Seriously, the creamy texture of these lipsticks is on par with (and in some cases better than) brands you're paying a heck of a lot more for. 

LA Girl Luxury Creme - Sinful lipstick swatches & review

What I liked:
  • Romance, True Love, Soul Mate and Sinful had exceptional, opaque colour pay off.
  • All the shades had a smooth creamy texture which lasted well. They aren't drying at all in my experience.
  • Ridiculously good price! (See 'Where to buy' below for prices)
  • Great shade range - this is just a small sampling, I also spotted nudes, browns, mauve, burgundy, more coral, orange and more.
What I didn't like:
  • I experienced minor feathering after 2 hours with Soul Mate (but this is normal for me).
  • Dreamer was a little tricky to apply evenly.
  • The name label being attached to the cap makes it easy to mix the shades up.
Where to buy:
  • Beautyjoint has the full colour range for $2.25USD each.
  • Cherry Culture has a limited colour range on clearance for $2.40USD each.
  • Wellingtonians can purchase from Coinmax on Cuba Street for $4NZD each, which is where I bought mine.
  • LA Girl NZ
These are a great big win in my book! Will you be checking them out?

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Crap I'm totally going to go buy some at lunch.....

    1. Heehee sorry! Romance would like totally amazing on you though!

  2. you have a very nice photo :) Thanks for the review :)


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