Jordana Lipstick - Cherry and Cranberry Mix Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

Did you know that my most viewed post of all time is my review of Jordana Matte Pink Passion? It continues to gain the most views each month so what better reason to buy and swatch more Jordana lippies for you :D I've been hunting all over the place for more pretty colours, so you can expect to see a few of these posts over the next wee while. But for now, let's start small with Jordana Cherry and Cranberry Mix.

Packaging is my biggest gripe with Jordana lipsticks. It's clunky (albeit perfectly functional) and dated looking. But, it's hella cheap, so I can't complain too much. It's just nice when products that are cheap don't look cheap. Am I expecting too much? Yeah, probably :p


 My tube of Cranbery Mix appears to have been in a fight on the production line somewhere. 

Jordana Lipstick - Cranberry Mix Swatches & Review

Cranberry Mix is a frosty deep red with gold shimmer. This shade really does remind me of a bottle of cranberry juice, only, you know, if it was glittery. Which might not taste as nice but it sure looks pretty. I'm not usually a fan of frosts, but I'll make an exception for a pretty red. 
When I tested the wear of Cranberry Mix it lasted a bit over 5 hours and impressively stayed intact through a meal (of sausages and mash, no less!), although it faded a little. There was minimal migration to the inner part of mouth and it did become noticeably drying after four hours. I didn't have any trouble with feathering.

Jordana Lipstick - Cranberry Mix Swatches & Review


Jordana Lipstick - Cherry Swatches & Review

Cherry is a deep pink satin with a translucency that sets it apart from similar shades in my collection.
Like Cranberry Mix, this shade wore for five hours with a little migration and became noticeably drying after four hours. It also lasted through eating and drinking before eventually wearing away to a faint pink tint. It didn't feather or bleed during wear either.

Jordana Lipstick - Cherry Swatches & Review

What I liked:
  • Good lasting power for both shades - 5 hours+
  • Bargaintastic! $3-4NZD in local stores, even cheaper overseas
  • Great shade range, I really like the ones I've picked out
  • Good colour pay off
What I didn't like:
  • Castor oil scent
  • Noticeably drying at 4 hours
Where to buy:
On the whole, I don't enjoy this formula quite as much as the matte formula, but they're still decent lipsticks that I really like. The wear time and colour pay off really seal the deal for me. Have you tried any Jordana lipsticks? What did you think?


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