It's Skin Rose Blossom Multi Blusher Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

I have a really pretty blush/highlighter to share with you today. Awhile ago I shared swatches and a review of It's Skin's Rose Blossom Tint Lipstick in Neon Pink, and today I have the partner to that purchase - the Rose Blossom Multi Blusher. Both come from the limited edition Rose Blossom collection, but they're still available online to purchase - details at the bottom of the post.

The packaging on this blush is just gorgeous, check out that shimmery aqua casing! It's plastic, but feels quite sturdy. The compact is roughly the size of a MAC blush compact.

The blush itself is made up of four coloured strips, and is embossed with a rose. Love the attention to detail! Oh Korean cosmetics, you sure know how to win a girl's heart.

A closer look at the product. As you can see, all of the shades are shimmery, so if you prefer matte cheek products this blush may not be for you. I love a bit of sheen though, and that's what this provides - shimmery sheen, not chunky disco ball sparkle.

Individual colours swatched.

All of the colours swirled, applied lightly on the left and heavily on the right.

Though the pink and coral shades look promising in the compact, all of the shades are very sheer when applied. For this reason, I wouldn't bother using this as a blush - even on my pale NC15 skin it barely provides a flush. This product does however excel as a highlighter, which I'm increasingly finding to be true of a few Korean blushes! 

I don't personally mind that this can't really be used as a blush as I love highlighting powders, but I can certainly understand others being disappointed if they wanted a blush, and rightly so - products should do what they say. You could try to use the pink and coral strips to get a more blush-like result, the paler shades are certainly more shimmery than the others so this may yield a less shimmery look overall too. I haven't tried this yet as I found it a bit tricky to pick up the individual colours on my brush, but food for thought if you're thinking of ways to make this work for you.

What I liked:
  • Soft, luminous finish (as a highlighter)
  • The texture is soft and blendable, not powdery
  • Gorgeous packaging

What I didn't like:
  • Can't really be used as a blush

Where to buy:
  • I bought mine from Roseroseshop here.
  • Can also be found on Ebay.


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