Etude House Cupcake All Over Colors - Peach Sugar Cake, Orange Shoe Cake, Strawberry Chiffon Cake & Blueberry Cheesecake Swatches & Review


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Hey lovelies,

Phew! This one's been a long time coming. This happens constantly; I'll have something photographed and tested for review, but then I'll get the same product in another colour. So then I think it makes more sense to post both colours together, and I rephotograph them but then I get ANOTHER colour and well... you see the loop I'm in! Moving forward I plan to do masterposts to avoid mega delayed reviews, so those who want to see everything in one place still can, but reviews go up promptly :)

ANYWAY, today's post is about Etude House's Cupcake All Over Colors. These come from Etude's Sweet Recipe line but still look to be readily available online. I originally bought Raspberry Mousse Cake (you can find my review here) but over time the cuteness, my love for Raspberry Mousse Cake and the unquenchable desire to own the complete set overwhelmed me and suddenly I had them all.

Clockwise from the top: Strawberry Chiffon Cake, Peach Sugar Cake, Orange Shoe Cake & Blueberry Cheesecake. Each All Over Color comes in a cute wee tin. It shuts firmly, I like to pop these in my handbag (which is a dangerous place) and I've never had one pop open.

A quick look at the packaging the tins come in :) Simple fold-over plastic, but very cute. I love Etude House's attention to detail.


Peach Sugar Cake is a true soft peach. On cheeks it's subtle on my NC15 skintone, although buildable. On lips it's pigmented enough to mute my natural lip colour, though it does cling to any dry patches and emphasise flaws.

Worn on lips


Orange Shoe Cake is a translucent orange. On cheeks it blends out to a coral orange, while on lips it reads as more of a true orange. This was my favourite of the four reviewed today to use as a lip colour as it is the most opaque, though it does still cling to flaws a little.

Worn on lips


Strawberry Chiffon Cake is a light pink which mutes out my natural lip colour very effectively. I don't find it flattering on the lips - it feels dry and looks it too, plus the colour makes me look washed out. But on cheeks it reminds me of the pastel flush of Illamasqua Katie, which I like a lot.

Worn on lips


Blueberry Cheescake is a cool pink, almost bordering on lavender. This is kind of cute on lips, but not massively flattering on me! I really like it on cheeks though. Like the other shades, this formula is a little dry on lips.

A note on application - if you want to wear these on lips, I found patting them on with my fingers worked best to get even colour. Swiping them on leaves them slightly prone to streaking.

What I liked:
  • All of the shades reviewed work wonderfully as creme blushes. 
  • They typically wear well for 4-6 hours and begin to fade after that. Setting with a powder helps to extend wear, even highlighter was enough to help with this.
  • Super cute packaging!
  • Inexpensive - I picked up most of mine on Ebay for around $9NZD with free shipping.
What I didn't like:
  • The drier texture of these shades means they highlight flaws on lips, so I didn't find they really doubled as lip products (I do find the fifth shade, Raspberry Mousse Cake which was reviewed here, to work well as a lip colour however).
Where to buy:
Have you tried any of the Cupcake All Over Colors? What did you think?


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