A Fyrinnae A Day: Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Continuing the A Fyrinnae A Day series, I have one of their lip lustres to show you today: Ocelot, a nude pink.

Fyrinnae Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

All of the Lip Lustres I bought are in the trial size, which is 1.5g and contains enough for a few applications. This is a great way to try a colour before committing to a full size tube, especially since you can't see this product in a store before purchasing (Fyrinnae is only sold through their website). I love that the applicator is still a regular sized doefoot one, so it's very easy to apply. 

Fyrinnae Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

Fyrinnae's description:
Matte warm dusty-rose pink, very close to the soft pink of an Ocelot kitten's paw pads and nose.

Fyrinnae Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

L-R: 1952, Visual Kei, Ocelot, Queer Theory, Dragon's Blood, Winter Romance swatched on bare skin

Fyrinnae Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

Ocelot is a pale pinky nude shade with a satin finish. After about twenty minutes, it turns a little pinker on me and becomes matte. Colour pay off is fantastic.

I tested the wear on this shade, and it wore perfectly through normal drinking and eating for four hours before wearing away evenly with a larger meal. It left my lips with a faint pink tint. By the three and a half hour mark, my lips felt dry, though not unbearably so, and there was some gathering of product in the corners of my lips.

Fyrinnae Ocelot Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

I'm not sure about this lip colour on me, but the great thing about the trial size Lip Lustres is that you can experiment without breaking the bank. Further make up details here.

What I liked:
  • Fantastic colour pay off, good lasting power
  • Great price - 1.5ml trial size (shown here) is $2.00USD, full size tube is $7.00USD.
What I didn't like:
  • Feels drying and gathers in the corners of my lips after several hours wear
Where to buy:

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