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Hey lovelies,

How is your weekend going? We're off to watch Mike play football and then celebrate my Mum's birthday. I hope she loves her prezzies :)

Today I want to share some gorgeous polish jewellery made by several friends of mine from the NZ Polish Addicts group. There are some really talented ladies in the group making a variety of jewellery so if you're looking for something new to add to your collection, they've got you covered!


Peacock Pie

First up we have Peacock Pie, which is run by the lovely Serra. Serra loves to incorporate stamping and handpainted features in her designs, but she also has simpler pieces designed to show off your favourite polish (or the polish you've been lemming!). Case in point is the stunning Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces pendant - I don't have that polish yet, but thanks to Serra I can still enjoy it in necklace form :)

Peacock Pie jewellery is beautifully made and presented. Each piece arrives carefully packed in a gift box overflowing with star glitter. I received a very sweet handwritten note with my order and Serra's business card, which features a glitter macro of Star Kin Stellar (created in honor of Serra's cat Stellar!). I'm eyeing up the Emily de Molly Falling Skies pendant next XD

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This gorgeous necklace features Happy Hands Reptar's Revenge*

This necklace* was a custom piece made for my mother for Christmas. Mum loves cats and blue, so Serra kindly came up with this stunner for her. The custom process was a breeze - Serra was so patient while I ummed and ahhed over finding the perfect background colour (I chose KB Shimmer Watercolor in the end!) and offered helpful suggestions and different options. 

Eee, I love this one! This is another custom - Serra is really skilled at doing butterflies, and has done a few customs like this. I fell in love with one that had a green background, so Serra created this one for me. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

Last but certainly not least is this beauty created with Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces. I never knew how much I wanted this polish until I bought this necklace. LOOK AT IT. So much gorgeousness. I wear this necklace quite a lot!


Happy Polish Jewellery

Happy Polish Jewellery is created by the ever-adorable Christine. Seriously, if you look up the word 'adorable' in a dictionary, I'm pretty sure it's just a picture of Christine. Her jewellery is just as sweet, check out this stunning flakie ring! The quality is great and presentation was lovely too. Happy Polish Jewellery has a mixture of simple pieces and pop culture goodies! I'm lusting after the Doctor Who pendant, but there's also Harry Potter and Pokemon themed pieces and lots more - Noel wants a minion cabochon he spotted on the Facebook page :D

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Flakies... *Drools*


Jewell Sparkle

Okay, I may have gone a bit nuts taking photos of these next pieces! Jewell Sparkle is made by Juliet, a total sweetheart who has fulfilled several make up lemmings for me! I bought my Wet n Wild Sparkle Til Morning and The Balm Nude Tude palettes from her :) Jewell Sparkle specialises in classic, simple pieces to show off stunning polishes, like the rainbow flakie extravaganza in this matching ring and earrings. Everything is beautifully made and presented; I love the Jewell Sparkle logo on the earring card.

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Vanessa makes polish jewellery, but she also makes super awesome comic themed pieces! She very sweetly made me this Spiderman ring because he's my favourite super hero of all time. Ness doesn't have any listings up at the moment, but when she does, you can find her Trade Me listings here. I highly recommend Kiwi gals save her as a favourite seller so they can be notified of new listings.

Finally, I don't yet have any of her jewellery (which I shall have to remedy!), but PK who runs Glam-Madam also makes some beautiful pieces. You can find her Etsy store here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Disclaimer: Some of these items have been provided for review, and are marked with an asterix. My opinions are  honest and are my own.

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