OPI Avojuice Cran & Berry, Holly Berry and Peppermint Shimmer - Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

In the past year or so I've developed an increasing obsession with handcream. I buy it constantly in ALL THE SCENTS, I'm forever applying it (causing Mike to screw up his nose in distaste at all the scents!), it's in every room of my house - seriously, it's all about hand cream here you guys.
I found it particularly difficult to keep my hands moisturised during my pregnancy, which only spurred on my passion. Consequently you can expect a few more handcream reviews to come :) Today I'll be talking about some of the OPI Avojuices.

I've picked up a fair few of these in sales this year -  several family members received them for Christmas! The mini bottles aren't expensive at full price though - $5.95 for 30mls is the retail price at most NZ pharmacies. I believe the 200ml bottle is about $20, but I picked my Cran & Berry up on sale for $10. I like throwing the minis in my handbag, while the fullsize bottle lives in my swatching corner. 

The formula on the OPI Avojuices is really good. It's not as deeply moisturising as other handcreams I have, but it is very effective. It reduces the appearance of dryness immediately and absorbs quickly without leaving hands greasy for ages, so I like using it in between swatches.

Cran & Berry has a gorgeous light berry scent. This is my favourite of the three I have!

Holly Berry has a berry scent too, but it's bolstered by a heady cinnamon fragrance. Very Christmasy!

No prizes for guessing, Peppermint Shimmer smells like peppermint. It's a classic peppermint toothpaste scent. They're not kidding about the shimmer either. This handcream makes me feel like a vampire in the Twilight franchise. You'll have to take my word for it though - the shimmer was pretty tough to capture on camera! Avojuices are labelled 'hand & body lotions' so Peppermint Shimmer might be better suited to moisturising and sparklifying your d├ęcolletage for a night out than for your hands :)

What I liked:
  • Effective moisturisation that immediately reduces the appearance of dry skin, but still absorbs quickly
  • Great fragrances
  • The minis are perfect for on the go, while the the fullsize bottle has a pump for easy application (no trying to screw the cap back on your handcream with greasy fingers!)

What I didn't like:
  • Peppermint Shimmer is a little too shimmery for my taste

Where to buy:
  • Your local OPI retailer - NZ gals can buy from selected pharmacies, Farmers, Kirkcaldie & Stains, etc.

Overall, I'd really recommend the OPI Avojuices! Have you any? What are your favourite scents?

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