Etude House Vivid Pop Stick - Teenage Dream & Kissing You Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Today I have two shades of Etude House's Vivid Pop Sticks to share with you. These little babies are inexpensive - $8.80 on Roseroseshop, which is where I purchased mine, and there are 8 shades to choose from. I chose shades that I didn't already have in my collection, and unfortunately neither of my selections particularly suit me, but you can't win 'em all! Onto the swatches!

Teenage Dream reminds me of Lime Crime Cosmopop, just a few shades darker and perhaps a bit warmer. Cosmopop didn't flatter me either, sadly. Teenage Dream is a lot closer to the colour in promotional images than Kissing You is.


Kissing You looked like more of a peachy nude in promotional images, but in reality it's a mod 60s whitened peach. It has impressive opacity for this kind of shade, but unfortunately it's terribly unflattering on me!

One of the tricky things about buying Korean cosmetics online is that colour accurate swatches (or any swatches!) can be hard to come by. The promotional images aren't always accurate, so making a purchase can be a bit of a lucky dip! I didn't have much luck with these two suiting me, but I really like the product itself so will definitely be trying other shades out.

What I liked:
  • Soft and creamy matte texture - these don't feel drying at all
  • The pencil style makes it easy to get precise application
  • Twist up pencil, so no sharpening is required!
What I didn't like:
  • Kissing You is considerably paler than the promotional images show
  • Kissing You clings to lip perfections and was a little harder to apply evenly than Teenage Dream
What do you think of these shades? Would you try them?


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  1. You're so silly, both of those shades look amazing on you! :D

    1. Nyaaaaw you're a sweetheart. I'm definitely not comfortable in these shades though :(


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