Public Service Announcement: Magazine Freebies!


Hey lovelies,

Here's something pretty exciting for Kiwi girls! While at Paper Plus the other day, I found a few magazines with really great freebies. I haven't bought these types of magazines in years, but I love a good make up freebie!

This month's Girlfriend comes with the much hyped Australis Velour Lips! I got RIO-D and didn't see any other shades available, but other stores may have a different selection. If I see more colours I will be snagging them, because Velour Lips aren't due for release in New Zealand til later this month and you can bet they'll cost a bit more than $6.50 (the price of the magazine). 

Girlfriend magazine is a bit young for me these days, but I'm sure I can find someone at work to give it to.

Gosh I love coral!

This month's Instyle comes with a three piece Napoleon Perdis set - pretty bargainous given the magazine is just $12.95 and Napoleon is a higher end brand. I've had a few gift with purchase Napoleon items from magazines in the past and in my experience the quality is the same as their regular range, although they are typically manufactured solely as magazine freebies - you can't get them at the counter should you wish to re-purchase.

I'll be swatching and reviewing these goodies ASAP so you can see what you're getting, should you be looking for these. Keep an eye out!


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  1. Will def buy Napoleon magazine with freebies.
    Thanks Lani


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