Missha M Ever Lasting Lacquer Rouge - OR01 Marin Orange and CR01 Baby Coral Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

I have a bit of a disappointing review today :( When Missha's M Ever Lasting Lacquer Rouges started popping up on Ebay I was infatuated right away. They were cheaper than Lime Crime Velvetines and had more colours, but swatches online were scarce, so it took me quite a while to take the plunge. Finally I added them to my recent Roseroseshop order, choosing CR01 Baby Coral and OR01 Marin Orange because they filled colour gaps in my collection.

The lipsticks come in glossy tubes which are partially clear to show the colour and have a black gradient towards the lid. This is Baby Coral.

The tubes seal shut nice and securely and have a doefoot applicator.

A closer look at the applicator.

Marin Orange

And now for swatches!

Swatched on my arm. The formula is a bit thicker than the Lime Crime Velvetines.

After scrubbing with a baby wipe... they did not want to come off!

2 coats

3 coats and still not even :(

What I liked:
  • Will. Not. Budge.
  • The pigmentation of Marin Orange is amazeballs.
  • Great price - I bought these from Roseroseshop for $11.04USD each + shipping (which worked out to be about $1.60USD for both since they were part of an order of 30 items), you can also get them on Ebay starting from $15USD shipped for free. Lime Crime Velvetines retail for $17USD + shipping and are going up to $20USD soon.
What I didn't like:
  • You'll need to use an oil based remover to get these babies off. Anything else is going to require a lot of scrubbing - since I didn't have oil based remover when I swatched these on my wrist, my wrist was pretty red for a day after removal due to the amount of scrubbing!
  • I could not get an even application of either colour direct from the tube, even when making use of a lip brush. It was exceptionally difficult to even out, and the more I tried, the more caked on and gross it looked. I tried several times, switching up by using a lip brush to lay down a first coat, doing things entirely with a lip brush, forgoing the lip brush altogether, using thin coats, using thick coats, waiting longer betwen coats.... I just could not get these to work for me.
  • Because they're so difficult to even out, they feel caked on and gross on the lips.
  • Not a fan of the floral scent.
I wish I could recommend these, because I was so excited for them, but I'm really disappointed :( Fingers crossed Lime Crime or another company will come out with similar colours soon!


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  1. They look very similar to the Rimmel apocalips

    1. Yes, the packaging does look similar. I haven't tried the Apocalips yet.


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