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Hey lovelies,

I went road tripping with my little man in September, visiting friends and family in Palmerston North, Hamilton and Auckland. We had such a lovely time and got to meet some of the awesome ladies from our polish group on Facebook. Here are some of the pictures from our trip!

We spent lots of time with Mike's parents. Here Noel is with his Tessy.

Grace from Polish Armoire, Nicola from Leona Carolina, Lauren from Little Porcelain Princess and Noel, my ever-growing baby bump and I. All the girls were so lovely! We stayed with Nicola in Hamilton, had a polish party and then went shopping the next day. It was so much fun.

Noel and I shopped for sunglasses in Hamilton. Noel bought the red pair.

I bought Hello Kitty sunglasses!

Noel got these silver sunnies too!

Noel and I being penguins at Kelly Tarltons in Auckland.

Noel made friends with Mike's cousins' cat.

Noel & I at Butterfly Creek in Auckland.

Noel checking out bunnies and guinea pigs at Butterfly Creek.

Enjoying an ice cream at Lake Taupo.

Farm visit

Onto the new additions! 

I got these pretty Nostalgic Lacquers from a group order just before leaving on our trip: Rolling With The Homies, Rayanne, Rio, Girls On Film, Personal Jesus, Patricia and Date At Midnight With Nosferatu.

In Palmy we had a catch up with other lovely ladies from the polish group, and Ami from Star Kin and Everysensory gave me my first every Star Kin polish! This is Mega Melon. 

In Hamilton I bought Sparkle Ruby from LA Girl's 3D Effect Hologram collection, and Grace gifted me Mavala - Peacock Green.

In Auckland I bought Kleancolor - Sangria Burst, a very pretty neon coral.

When I got home my first ever Modi was waiting for me: Wild Strawberry! I bought it from randomseoul on Ebay.

On Sunday I went to a Wellington catch up for the polish group and played swapsies! I came away with Pahlish - Who Loves Orange Soda? 365 Days Of Color - Itty-Bitty Bikini, Pretty & Polished - Bubbles, Models Own - Blizzard, Dollish Polish - Pegasus Wings. We had lots of fun peering through Annemarie's stash and trying out the Star Kin polishes Serra brought along to play with. Serra also brought along some polish jewellery she was working on. You can check out the gorgeous jewellery she is selling here at her store, Peacock Pie.

Finally today, I got my first Star Kin order! Kelp, Gold Rushand Fangs Berry Much. I can't wait to share swatches of these!

Ami included lots of swatch stick samples, what a great way to preview other polish you might like to order! Here we have Sunburst, Challenge Accepted Cashmere, Whale Farts, Blue Shift, Delta and Purple Haze.

The cute slogan attached to the packaging.

Star Kin's business card.

Thanks for stopping by!


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